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The Immigrant Advantage

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Courtship Arranged Marriages and the Romantic Meaning of Love
The primary theme of The Immigrant Advantage by Kolker is that immigrants to America bring … The third chapter looks at the courting rituals of South Asian immigrants in America and shows that Americans could learn a lesson in courtship by reading about this group. The fourth chapter looks at how one can learn and uses the stories of Korean and Chinese afterschool … shared background—shorthand for religion, caste, income, and aspirations—makes up the basic equipment any couple needs for a chance at happiness” (85). For a courtship to proceed, the couple is matched up according to the characteristics of shared background. It is a simple matter of arrangement from that … of love that they nourish and grow into something wonderful. The South Asian view of marriage helps this group succeed in terms of courtship because it matches people based……


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Kolker, Claudia. The Immigrant Advantage. Free Press, 2011.



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