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Scandalous Art Of The 19th Century

Pages: 4 (1327 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:73431158

… like Courbet, Daumier and Manet, certain subjects—like a mother holding a sleeping baby in the nursing pose on a third-class train, or lesbian lovers, or a nude woman—were deemed to provocative, too revealing, too dirty, sensual and real and thus too sensational for a Victorian crowd. They … writings (Michallat, 2007). What makes Courbet’s painting unique, however, for the time was its focus on realism: the bodies of the two lesbian lovers are not idealized but are rather depicted with all their imperfections evident. The faces of the two women are not given any added … bodies proportioned in such a way that they are exceedingly seductive in appearance. They are not depicted in the frantic, heightened act of love but rather are shown intertwined post-coitus, energy spent, bodies exhausted, brows furrowed. There is not much attempt to hide the nudity of the … a Venus with a knowing……



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Analysis Of A CEO S Answers To Leadership Questions

Pages: 7 (2021 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Interview Document #:60714078

...Love Introduction
The person I interviewed is named Pio and he is an IT consultant who has 20 years in the industry and now heads his own company and provides leadership for other companies that need expert advice on their networks and infrastructure. He is the founder and CEO of his own company and has 15 full-time employees. The reason I selected him is that he is an Indian from the state of Tamil Nadu. He came to America on his own in his late 20s and faced many obstacles, both personal and social, to survive and make it in this country. He is an inspiration for me as a leader and I wanted to interview him to understand his leadership approach more deeply.
1. How did you get to where you are today?
I got where I am today through hard work. I never gave up like so many……



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Leisure Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Pages: 9 (2660 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:42761357

… sport other than that I figured it would be good for me, it would be challenging, and that in the end I would love it. All three of those were true. My experience with BJJ has been nothing but positive. Since I did not know a whole ……



Barra, G. (2015). The five commandments of escaping from the bottom. Retrieved from 

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Maslow S Hierarchy Of Needs Model And Its Application In Human Resources

Pages: 12 (3607 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:83319615

… to be satisfied. Safety needs include personal security, employment, cleanliness, access to health care, and security of property. Next comes the need for love and belonging, which includes a human being’s need for friendship, fellowship, social connectivity, family and intimacy. Once the need for love and belonging is fulfilled, the individual requires the development of esteem, which includes having a sense of respect, self-esteem, status, approval, recognition, stature, … consider what needs of employees still have to be satisfied. HR should look to see if workers’ needs of shelter and sustenance, safety, love and esteem are all satisfied. If so, HR can reasonably expect that workers will be self-actualized, i.e., internally and intrinsically motivated—that is, eager ……



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How Gregorian Chant Changed Sacred Music In The Middle Ages

Pages: 5 (1553 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:92405285

...Love Middle Ages Music Known as Plainchant aka Gregorian Chant
Pope Gregory I is famous for, in the 6th century AD, standardizing the form of monastic choral music known as chant. This form, known as plainchant or alternatively as Gregorian chant, essentially served as the standard vocal music for church services (mainly Masses or for the Divine Office) held throughout the Church (mainly Europe) for the whole of the Middle Ages. Plainchant consisted of Scriptural verses chanted by the members of the choir, usually monastics. Plainchant was a single line of music, no overlapping lines as in polyphonic music. It was monophonic but could consist of lines of great range and variation. From simple melodies with a single pitch to highly elaborate melodies consisting of long, flowing lines plainchant was anything but plain and boring. In fact, it was considered one of the greatest expressions of human art and helped to……


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Chekhov S Cherry Orchard And Trauma

Pages: 5 (1373 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:47368610

… away, just went away and never looked back” (Chekhov 816). Thus, Ranyevskaya’s absence from the family estate the past half decade, her ill-pursued love affair, and her spendthrift ways are all indications of a reckless sort of behavior that is more akin to a soul trying to … avoid the pains that she has suffered. That is why she has been in Paris all this time, trying to find a new love, spending her money unwisely. Now, even her last remaining support is being taken away: she ends the play having to face reality and ……


Works Cited

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Positive Aging And Friendship

Pages: 5 (1364 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Letter Document #:58238510

… that will be of so much use in Serenbe. I will post this message on social media so that all my friends and loved ones can see where I am and can communicate their own love and support back to me. It will also be a good way for me to introduce myself to my new friends in the ……



Brymer, E., Cuddihy, T. F., & Sharma-Brymer, V. (2010). The role of nature-basedexperiences in the development and maintenance of wellness. Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education, 1(2), 21-27.

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Impacts Of Long Distance Relationships On Interpersonal Communication

Pages: 6 (1902 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:90404057

… factor in determining how well partners in a long-distance relationship will focus on…[break]…long-distance relationships is that they let the other know they are loved, that they are being thought about, that they are missed. It shows that the communication is working and the connection is being maintained. … as though they were in a long-distance relationship as they prefer using social media and digital tech to communicate with friends, family and loved ones instead of seeing them face-to-face. This discovery shows that interpersonal communication does not have to be threatened by distance. However, in order ……



Etcheverry, P. E., & Le, B. (2005). Thinking about commitment: Accessibility of commitment and prediction of relationship persistence, accommodation, and willingness to sacrifice. Personal Relationships, 12(1), 103-123.

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Reforming The High School System

Pages: 10 (2967 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:70939676

… of the educative process through active inquiry and dialogue with teachers.
The Oppressed
In Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, the reformer notes that love and humility have to be at the root of reform: “if I do not love the world—if I do not love life—if I do not love people—I cannot enter into dialogue…[and that] dialogue cannot exist without humility” (90). The teacher must have both in order to help students to ……


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Drug Therapy Vs Animal Therapy

Pages: 7 (2031 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:70346686

… that foster children are in foster care because they have been neglected in their own homes, their parents are incapable of providing food, love, shelter and nourishment, and they are in need of a nurturing environment. Many of them will have experienced a traumatic event, or the … never have a chance to make it because they have only been treated with drugs their whole lives instead of wit the nurturing love and care that a humanistic approach to counseling can provide. The drug therapy that children get is just a foundation for future drug … they feel neglected, abandoned or isolated, having an animal gives them an opportunity to experience something they have never experienced before—the chance to love and care and be loved and cared for by another. The animal can bring joy. What can the drugs bring other than stupefaction and possible cognitive and emotional ……



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Graduate Thesis, Bellarmine.

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Retrieved from 

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