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Should Reparations Be Paid To Native Americans And African Americans

Pages: 6 (1855 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:86662683

… This does not mean, however, that nothing can be done to address the historical inequities, but determining how best to compensate victims of ethnocentrism and racism is far too difficult to assign a dollar amount.
The research was consistent in showing that the historical record is ……



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Gordon Foundry Case

Pages: 6 (1657 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:47903382

...Ethnocentrism Mr. White Deer’s case represents an unfortunately common occurrence: a toxic workplace environment. It is difficult to provide a thorough assessment without having been an eyewitness to the events precipitating the aggressive maneuver of the hose-down, but it is clear that several micro-aggressions had already taken place to intimidate Mr. White Deer. There are multiple layers of problems in this case, but all fall under the rubric of ineffective leadership.
Leadership determines organizational culture. Mr. Smith seems amicable enough, but seems like a laissez-faire leader who lacks awareness of organizational culture and climate. He believes the old foundry workers are a “fine group of fellows” because they have been with Gordon Foundry for a long time and they have served the company well. Yet the “fine group of fellows” is better described as a “good old boys” club: men from an older generation whose values are starkly different from those……



Myatt, M. (n.d.). Leadership and toxic work environments. N2Growth. Retrieved from 


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