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Testing Essay

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… Outline Template


Contact Information
Phone Number, Email, Address

Purpose of Resume

Objective Statement
Position Applying for


Related Job Experience

Most Recent title/position held
Company name
Where and from when
Brief description of the work performed

Related Job Experience

Next most recent title/position held
Company name
Where and from when
Brief description of the work performed

Related or Unrelated Job Experience

Include anything INTERESTING that might ……

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Cyberbullying essay Outline

I. Introduction

A. Bullying involves an imbalance of power between the victim and the bully.

B. Bullying is more than just isolated …

B. Cyberbullying involves a pattern of behavior.

C. Cyberbullying either creates or exacerbates a power imbalance between the bully and the victim.  

Cyberbullying essay title

Cyberbullying: What Is It and How Do I Stop It? 

Is Being Mean Online Always Cyberbullying?

What Role Do Power Imbalances Play in … Schoolyard Bullies

Can Adults Be Cyberbullied? 

When Does Online Behavior Cross the Line: Understanding Cyberbullying in the Context of Internet Social Rules

Cyberbullying essay Hooks

Cyberbullying combines all of the worst aspects of bullying and stalking, because the victim can never completely escape the bullying. 
Almost 15% … walks of life and all types of families. 
Bullying, like other forms of emotional abuse, is deeply rooted in power and control.  

Cyberbullying essay Thesis Statements



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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Various Organizational Behavior Theories

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… provided by Seidel (2019, p. 3) who points out that, “An organizational behavior definition of power is often more dependent on relationships than title.” Therefore, French and Raven's Five Bases of Power serves to facilitate the identification of the real holders of power in organizations by identifying … by his/her ability to exert negative influence using punishment and threats
Those with legitimate power are those who actually do hold the title of power within your organization. These are managers, team leaders and executives. How much power they have depends on whether they also gain ……



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Jain, AK ‘Organizational Citizenship Behaviour as a Potential Source of Social Power.’ Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 45, no. 3 (January 2010): 396-401.

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Contact In Canadian Literature

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… opens her eyes she is back in St. Paul’s, where the service of the paleface continues on.
The gothic nature of the essay exists in the emotional distress that Johnson navigates and in the nightmarish world that she escapes so as to be back in her ……


Works Cited

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Performance Situation

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...Essay title The Me Self and the I Self
Performance Situation at Work for an Interview
The interview setting for this performance situation is meeting room at the workplace where I am interviewing. Three people are conducting the interview: two are department heads and one is the HR manager. Each is looking at me in a way that makes me very uncomfortable, as I feel that no matter what happens I am going to be judged on superficial criteria that will not actually reflect my true level of commitment, motivation, or work ethic.
The people across from me are sitting behind a long table, and they have various papers and folders in front of them as though they are compiling data that is very important. I wonder briefly at the data they think they are able to obtain from interviews like this that will help them to make up their mind about……



Becker, H. (n.d.). Becoming a marijuana user.

“Mind, Self and Society.”


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Marcus Aurelius

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...Essay title Comparing Marcus Aurelius and His Stoicism with Rousseau s Libertinism
Marcus Aurelius: What Has Been Lost
Natural law ethics were articulated by Aristotle in classical Greek philosophy and have been a mainstay of Western philosophy ever since, being discussed by Roman philosophers, early Church Fathers and Scholastics in the Middle Ages. It was not until the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment when modern society began to reject the Old World values where natural law conformed with moral law. Enlightenment philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau abandoned the notion of Original Sin and of fallen human nature and viewed natural law from a liberal perspective in which every human impulse was deemed good regardless of whether form followed function (Laux). For Rousseau liberty was what mattered most, and that meant rejection of the order of the medieval Church and of the doctrines of sin and redemption. It also meant rejecting the natural……


Works Cited

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Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Emile.

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. The Social Contract.

Strange, Steven (ed). Stoicism: Traditions and Transformations. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2004.

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Abortion Laws Issues

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...Essay title Abortion and Its Ongoing issues in America
The issue of abortion, while never far from the spotlight, has been making headlines again recently as New York passed a full-term abortion law (Tolentino) and Virginia has one similar in the works (North). The Virginia bill has been described as infanticide (BBC) and President Trump has even called for a ban on late-term abortions (Green). However, many Americans continue to be divided on the abortion issue. This paper will describe the current state of abortion in America, the ongoing issues regarding what should be permissible and what should be denied, and how the subject continues to be a major political sticking point.
Abortion has been legal in America since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that judged abortion to be the legal right of a mother—i.e., she had the right to determine whether to keep or kill her baby up to……


Works Cited

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Washington Post, 2017. 

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Nursing Informatics In Education

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… academic careers. Google Scholar is an online database search engine that was used: key words associated with the subject were entered in and title and abstracts of returns were analyzed to see if they fit the criteria for the search. The search parameters included both positive and … fit the criteria for the search. The search parameters included both positive and negative sides associated with nursing informatics and education. After analyzing title and abstracts, it was possible to select the relevant sources that would assist in the writing of this paper.
Once the sources were ……



Eardley, D. L., Krumwiede, K. A., Secginli, S., Garner, L., DeBlieck, C., Cosansu, G., & Nahcivan, N. O. (2018). The Omaha System as a Structured Instrument for Bridging Nursing Informatics With Public Health Nursing Education: A Feasibility Study. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 36(6), 275-283.

Kinnunen, U. M., Rajalahti, E., Cummings, E., & Borycki, E. M. (2017). Curricula challenges and informatics competencies for nurse educators. Forecasting informatics competencies for nurses in the future of connected health, 232, 41-48.

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Leisure Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Pages: 9 (2660 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:42761357

… and that got me interested in BJJ as well. BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger and Stronger Opponents by Dan Faggella was also a title I perused frequently, as was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Alexandre Paiva.
Observations and Reflections
I did not have any preconceived ideas about the sport ……



Barra, G. (2015). The five commandments of escaping from the bottom. Retrieved from 

Embiid, J. (2020). The process. Retrieved from,It \\\\\\\\\\\\'s%20an%20ongoing%20thing.

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Why Ageism Needs To Be Stopped In Society

Pages: 9 (2613 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Prompts Document #:38322228

...Essay title The Issue of Age in Cultural Diversity
Age is an important aspect of cultural diversity that often goes ignored. For that reason ageism is a particularly problematic issue. Racism and sexism are often reported on but prejudice against the elderly is not so commonly touched upon in society. For example, the current presidential candidate Joe Biden is often mocked on social media by people engaging in ageist behavior, attacking him for being senile and having dementia because he stutters or stumbles in his speech or train of thought while campaigning. What people do not realize is that they would likely not fare any better were they to hit the campaign trail and have to give numerous speeches. As Albom (2019) notes, “jabs at Joe Biden mask our growing ageism issue.” This paper will discuss the cultural factors regarding age, developmental theory models, relevant laws, other diversity issues, resources available……



Albom, M. (2019). Jabs at Joe Biden mask our growing ageism issue. Retrieved from

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