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Future Changes And Challenges Within The Elderly Population

Pages: 8 (2481 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:55013992

The elderly population, like every other population in the world today, can benefit from changes that have occurred in the world thanks to technological revolutions. … today than at any point in human history. Technology can thus be used to address some of the changes and challenges within the elderly population today. Those changes and challenges include changes in environment as the population moves into assisted living and combating isolation and depression, which … will be more diverse than it has been in the past, which means there will be a greater need for understanding among the elderly as they share community living spaces though they may come from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds (Baker, 2014). This paper will address the … spaces though they may come from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds (Baker, 2014). This paper will address the changes and challenges that the elderly face and show……



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Study Document

Healthcare Advocacy For The Elderly

Pages: 8 (2541 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:36286528

Ageism, isolation, and misconceptions about gerontology are all issues that the vulnerable elderly population faces (Brojeni, Ilali, Taraghi & Mousavinasab, 2019). As Yamada et al. (2015) point out, however, the issue of healthcare disparity and healthcare … Ilali, Taraghi & Mousavinasab, 2019). As Yamada et al. (2015) point out, however, the issue of healthcare disparity and healthcare inequality of the elderly is one of the biggest issues because it underlines all the others: if the elderly population does not even have sufficient access to care, it is unlikely to be able to battle the effects of ageism, isolation or … or ignorance about gerontology. Healthcare costs have doubled since the 1990s (Yamada et al., 2015), and this puts an added burden on the elderly population, whose resources are finite. Yamada et al. (2015) put it this way: “as healthcare costs rises, more of the increasing costs are … result……



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Yamada, T., Chen, C. C., Murata, C., Hirai, H., Ojima, T., & Kondo, K. (2015). Access disparity and health inequality of the elderly: unmet needs and delayed healthcare. International journal of environmental research and public health, 12(2), 1745-1772.

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Depression Status Among Empty Nest Elderly In China

Pages: 3 (909 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:16492845

Gong et al. (2018) states that depressive symptoms and empty phenomenon of elderly people in rural areas is one of the major public health issues in China, which has one of the largest elderly population in the world. It is estimated that elderly people aged 60 years and more account for 15.5% of the Chinese population. In addition, empty-nest elderly families make up nearly 25% of older households in the country, which is projected to reach 90% by 2030. This implies that the … population increases, China continues to witness an increase in empty-net families due to the shrinking average family size (Zhang et al., 2019). Empty-nest elderly people are individuals aged 60 years and more who do not live with their children though they may live with a spouse or … major psychosocial problems faced by this population include anxiety disorders, loneliness, and depression. Depression is generally one of……



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Zhou, J., Xiao, L., Zhou, Y., Rui, G. & Ni, X. (2019). The Depression Status of Empty Nesters in Eastern Rural China. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, 47(2), 1-9.

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Music Therapy And Aging

Pages: 4 (1309 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:97537948

… age. The scope of the proposed research is to look at the link between music therapy interventions and the quality of life of elderly people without any chronic or terminal conditions.
This study is expected to provide insights on how to cope or deal with frailties of … evidence of learning from this proposed project is the identification of music therapy interventions as evidence-based approaches for enhancing the living experiences of elderly people.
Personal and Professional Development
This project will help fulfill my capacity as a self-directed lifelong learner by allowing me to apply concepts … the development of a substantive theory and evidence-based approach regarding the role of music therapy interventions in the quality of life of the elderly. The project will help me grow personally and professionally by enabling me to contribute toward addressing a gap in existing literature and identification ……


Works Cited

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Study Document

Raising Families In The 1950s After World War II

Pages: 6 (1711 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:94465868

… the United States, it is expected that this population will get to 70 million by the year 2030. In reaction to this mounting elderly populace, there has been extensive examination done on the quality of life aspects.
Functional factors
Older age is characteristically linked to worse health, … those born between the mid-40s and mid-60s are to adhere to past patterns of migration, it is expected that the population of the elderly in rural regions will rise to over 14 million by 2020 (Baernholdt et al., 2012).
From an environmental well-being perspective, the majority of ……



Baernholdt, M., Yan, G., Hinton, I., Rose, K., & Mattos, M. (2012). Quality of life in rural and urban adults 65 years and older: findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey. The Journal of Rural Health, 28(4), 339-347.

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Study Document

Why Ageism Needs To Be Stopped In Society

Pages: 9 (2613 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Prompts Document #:38322228

… often goes ignored. For that reason ageism is a particularly problematic issue. Racism and sexism are often reported on but prejudice against the elderly is not so commonly touched upon in society. For example, the current presidential candidate Joe Biden is often mocked on social media by … of ageism in this country especially among young people who derogatorily refer to their elders as “boomers” and have no problem mocking the elderly for what appears to them to be cognitive decline.
Historical, Political, Social, Economic and Cultural Factors Regarding Age
In older societies age was … sensitivity and cultural competency in terms of appreciating the limitations that come with working with older people. In the physical changes category, the elderly are likely to experience sensory, muscular and aerobic obstacles. Their immune system is not going to be as strong as a younger person, ……



Albom, M. (2019). Jabs at Joe Biden mask our growing ageism issue. Retrieved from  https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/sns-201909161301--tms--tuemitchctntm-a20190916-20190916-story.html 

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Study Document

Jesse Imeson Criminal Behavior

Pages: 7 (2025 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:27881804

...Elderly Background and Biographical Data
The case of Jesse Norman Imeson reveals the possible connections between childhood upbringing, childhood trauma, and psychological characteristics on criminal behavior. While childhood experiences can never be used to condone violence or criminality, understanding the correlation between these factors may help identify early warning signs or risk factors that can then be used in crime prevention strategies. The story of Jesse Imeson gripped Canada because it involved the heinous killing of three individuals in the summer of 2007. Imeson was apprehended at age 22, pled guilty to all three counts of second-degree murder in 2008, and was sentenced to life in prison.
Jesse was the oldest of three children in the Imeson family. Until the first known traumatic event that occurred in Imeson’s early life, he was described by babysitters and friends as being “likeable,” “adventurous,” “happy,” and “wide-eyed...always smiling” boy who just wanted “to have……



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Study Document

Depression Among Older Immigrant African Women In Metro West Massachusetts

Pages: 12 (3684 words) Sources: 20 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:21927346

… West Massachusetts
In West Massachusetts United States, the most common health disorders are anxiety and depression. These health disorders are prevalent in elderly immigrant women aged between 50 and 79 years (Agbemenu, 2016). Despite a variety of efficacious interventions for depression and anxiety, elderly immigrant women experience mental health care disparities in their access to mental health services and the quality of treatment they receive (Sánchez et … to mental health services, and how they coped with depression. Results were reflective of considerable variability across the two groups, with African American elderly immigrant women endorsing higher rates of depression and anxiety, as well as higher rates of treatment seeking, than White women. Gender, age, marital … age and they relocated from any African country after winning a green card or getting permanent residency in the United States. Depression among elderly immigrant women stands out as an important phenomenon……



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Study Document

Healthcare Provider Shortage

Pages: 9 (2590 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Research Proposal Document #:93189886

...Elderly Executive Summary
The healthcare sector in the United States is facing shortage of healthcare providers, particularly in rural settings. One of the most affected areas in the country is rural Maryland, especially Allegany County, which has been selected as the location for this project. The proposed plan seeks to help lessen the shortage of healthcare providers in the county using MedChi, an organization that provides public health resources in Maryland. MedChi could help address the problem through promoting adoption of technologies like telemedicine and expansion of the scope of practice of non-physician providers. To realize this objective, the organization needs to establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders within and outside the county’s health sector including policymakers. These partnerships should focus on identifying necessary resources for implementation of the proposed solution.
Provider Shortage Proposal
Shortage of providers in healthcare is a major issue facing this industry at a time when patient populations……



Antonelli, A.F. (2019, May 14). Does America Have a Physician Shortage – or Are Our Doctors ‘Just Bad at Managing Time’? Retrieved August 5, 2019,  https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2019/05/14/physician-shortage 

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Study Document

Positive Aging And Friendship

Pages: 5 (1364 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Letter Document #:58238510

… concerns of the aged, who are closer to death and likely therefore…[break]…it is the exact opposite of ageism, which is bias against the elderly and occurs when people view aging as detrimental to life and the elderly as basically useless (Katz, 2001). You are against ageism—you have said it numerous times. Yet you seem to embody it in your attitude … disappear! You think I am joining an old folks home!
But, no, this place is different. It is not a place where the elderly are forgotten: it is a place where they are embraced and are an active part in the community life. Rather than set on ……



Brymer, E., Cuddihy, T. F., & Sharma-Brymer, V. (2010). The role of nature-basedexperiences in the development and maintenance of wellness. Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education, 1(2), 21-27.

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