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Effectiveness Of The War On Drugs

Pages: 14 (4146 words) Sources: 18 Document Type:Reaction Paper Document #:69451857

… different societies (ACLU, 2020)
B. History of government intervention in the private lives of individuals via drug policy (ACLU, 2020); Baumbauer, 2012).
C. Effects of the war on drugs
1. Is it effective? Quantify the deaths related to the WOD, as well as the social entropy in communities, families, and within individuals (London, 2005; Pearl, 2018)
… war on drugs is a human rights issue.
B. The war on drugs is illogical and empirically proven to be an illegitimate and ineffective strategy.
C. Drugs have been branded and arbitrarily classified as “socially acceptable” versus “criminal,” when drugs themselves are simply tools and can be … been popular throughout the world, as has fermented and distilled alcoholic beverages. Altering human brain and body, drugs have a wide range of effects including pain relief, stimulation, and relaxation. Drugs have also been traded on the global commodities market for centuries, with the……



ACLU (2020). Against drug prohibition. Retrieved from: " target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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War On Drugs

Pages: 13 (4034 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Essay Document #:73696424

War on Drugs Futile Failing and Nefariously Linked to the War on Terror
Effectiveness of the War on Drugs
I. Introduction
A. History of drugs, cross-cultural perspective
1. Opium wars
2. Since Nixon, the modern “war …
3. History of drug use in different societies
B. History of government intervention in the private lives of individuals via drug policy.
C. Effects of the war on drugs
1. Is it effective? Quantify the deaths related to the WOD, as well as the social entropy in communities, families, and within individuals
2. Criminalization distracting attention … war on drugs is a human rights issue.
B. The war on drugs is illogical and empirically proven to be an illegitimate and ineffective strategy.
C. Drugs have been branded and arbitrarily classified as “socially acceptable” versus “criminal,” when drugs themselves are simply tools and can be … been popular throughout the world, as has……



ACLU (2020). Against drug prohibition. Retrieved from: " target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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Pediatric Nursing And Gastroenteritis

Pages: 11 (3217 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Case Study Document #:91020805

… it is. Things like: \"I fell sick because I deserved it\" \"If I behave well, I will recover.\" ” (Caplin& Cooper, 2007).
The effect of hospitalization on the entire family
Both the hospitalized child and the family are subjected to undue stress. Such children and their families … should be informed of who will provide such care and how the communication from physicians will be managed and coordinated. There should be effective communication between physicians at admission so that there will be satisfactory care. If possible, allow the child and family to make a pre-visit … engaged in the play interventions. She was also much more at home with the procedures at the hospital.
The findings support the positive effect of hospital play on the wellbeing of children and their responsiveness to therapy and medical procedures in the hospitalization period. Play is a … child communicates. Although disease, physical……



Campos, M. C., Rodrigues, K. C. S., & Pinto, M. C. M. (2010). Evaluation of the behavior of the pre-school one just admitted in the unit of pediatrics and the use of the therapeutic toy. Einstein (São Paulo), 8(1), 10-17.

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Pages: 8 (2471 words) Sources: 14 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:75344096

… The disorder was renamed schizophrenia by Eugen Bleuler in 1911. While Kraepelin drew attention to the topic of auditory hallucinations, Bleuler highlighted the effect of the patient having a split personality (Maatz, Hoff & Angst, 2015). Treatments throughout the 20th century have ranged from electroshock therapy to … as are all other mental problems (Ho et al., 2016).
Not knowing the cause of schizophrenia does not mean it cannot be treated effectively, however. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, does not depend upon understanding the causes of a patient’s problems but rather on identifying the triggers ……



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Maatz, A., Hoff, P., & Angst, J. (2015). Eugen Bleuler's schizophrenia—a modern perspective. Dialogues in clinical neuroscience, 17(1), 43.

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Various Organizational Behavior Theories

Pages: 14 (4343 words) Sources: 16 Document Type:Essay Document #:17367904

… numerous internal issues, including facilitating collaboration among members of multidisciplinary teams, identifying optimal conflict resolution strategies, and what type of leadership is most effective in achieving its overarching goals and mission.
In addition, the health care organization must also develop a clear understanding concerning where it is … the internal factors that fuel business success, it also involves external factors that can have a profound impact on its ability to compete effectively. There are also several prominent organizational theories that have been advanced in recent years to help practitioners navigate the challenges that are associated … its own unique set of complexities that may not be readily understood or recognized by the others.
As noted above, developing and maintaining effective interrelationships between these divisions is critical, perhaps more so in the aviation industry than virtually anywhere else because of the potential disastrous effects that failures anywhere along the network……



‘About Air India.’ Air India. [online] available: .

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Cholelithiasis Gallstones Gallbladder Disease

Pages: 13 (3816 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Case Study Document #:34628165

… as CBC, serum amylase, liver-function testing and lipase can help differentiate the type of gallbladder disease/or identify related issues. Surgery is the most effective treatment for gallbladder disease patients. Exercise, diet, and nutrition affect gallbladder disease. It is important for patients to integrate the healthy habits into … Although the disease is asymptomatic, patients can progress into symptomatic condition of the disease. Cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation) is the main clinical manifestation and effect of cholelithiasis. Severe cases of the disease may develop gallbladder perforation, gallstone pancreatitis or any other gallbladder disease (In Cox et al., 2018).
… stress response, postoperative wound infection rate, respiratory function impairment, intraoperative bleeding and cosmetic appearance. Although it shortens hospital stay, it has no general effect on postoperative mortality. Clinical findings, patient characteristics, and the experience of a surgeon determine the patient’s risk factors for perioperative complications. The benefits … characteristics, and the experience of……



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Study Document

Evolving Public Interpretation Of Gentrification

Pages: 15 (4506 words) Sources: 25 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:63686489

… large part to this lack of definitional clarity, opinions about gentrification in the past have been largely shaped by the negative connotations and effects of gentrification that have been highlighted by the mainstream media. For instance, according to Duany, “These days, whenever more than a handful of … existing lower-income residents, but also increases in rents and upticks in cultural conflicts—greatly outweigh any benefits” (3). Residents’ concerns over the potential negative effects of gentrification even halted the construction of a second headquarters operation in New York City by Amazon, an initiative that would have otherwise ……



Anderson, Elijah. 1990. Streetwise. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press.

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Capps, Kriston. “The Hidden Winners in Neighborhood Gentrification.” CityLab, July 22, 2019.

Study Document

Veterans Back Pain Exercise And Therapy

Pages: 10 (3010 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:policy evaluation Document #:22049018

… higher risk and has been indicated to be bear the potential for long-term disability (Bagg et al., 2017). There is a lack of effective treatment strategies, and thus, military veterans rely on pain management strategies and other medical strategies, e.g., medical imaging, opioids, injections, and surgery. To … (VA), the costs of care for members with low back pain have been on the rise; necessitating the need for research on the effectiveness of some of the available methods for treating and managing low back pain. Some of the methods available are non-narcotic pain medication, yoga … pain medication, yoga stretches, and physiotherapy. These interventions can be administered in combination or singly (Bagg et al., 2017). This study assesses the effectiveness of non-narcotic pain medications combined with yoga and cold/heat therapy. Moreover, it compares the above with the use of non-narcotic pain medications to … methods for management of the……



Bagg, M. K., Hübscher, M., Rabey, M., Wand, B. M., O’Hagan, E., Moseley, G. L., ... & O’Connell, N. E. (2017). The RESOLVE Trial for people with chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomized clinical trial. Journal of physiotherapy, 63(1), 47-48.

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Study Document

Formulating An Effective National Response To Ebola In Nigeria

Pages: 17 (5038 words) Sources: 20 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:83371879

… identify gaps in the existing literature concerning optimal strategies for responding to Ebola outbreaks in order to recommend further areas of study.
An effective preparedness strategy for future Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Nigeria: Public Awareness Approach
Chapter One: Introduction
Statement of the problem
In spite of … are due in large part to the fact that there is no cure for the disease and misinformation and rumors abound concerning its effects (Ebola, 2019), a troubling situation that directly relates to the rationale in support of this study as described below.
Rationale of the study
… 2019), a troubling situation that directly relates to the rationale in support of this study as described below.
Rationale of the study
Developing effective responses to the Ebola virus disease requires a series of multifaceted interventions, and all are essential for containing outbreaks of the disease (Ebola, … virus disease requires a series……



Allam, M. F. (2014, September). Ebola hemorrhagic fever: Case fatality rate 90%? Central European Journal of Public Health 22(3), 207-210.

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Ebola virus disease. (2019). U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved from .

Hancock, M. (2019, September). After Ebola. African Business, 422, 56-58.

Study Document

Stem Cell Transplants Treat Alzheimers And Parkinsons Disease

Pages: 5 (1386 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:32127824

… years. While its causes are yet to be determined, several research scholars claim the disease emerges as a reaction to non-genetic…[break]…pathways include paracrine effects, immune-modulation, differentiation, and proliferation. Pre-clinical body of research on stem cells shows that the benefits and drawbacks are dependent on stem cell source ……



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