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Democracy In America In The 21st Century

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...Animal farm “Where Do We Go From Here?”
Democracy was meant to be government by the rule of the people. Athens is most famous for being the ancient city-state to represent democratic government and in a way the city-state was best situated for democracy: the people were educated and keen on performing their civic duty—at least for a generation or two. By the time the playwright Aristophanes came along, some Athenians were shirking their civic duty to the extent that the satirist penned his most attack on Athenian complacency. The point is that democracy is only as effective as the people within the community are at performing their civic duty. When the very concept of civic-mindedness is lost or when the community becomes so large that it is impossible for people to govern directly, the concept of democracy can become a screen hiding a much more nefarious system of power like what……


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The Battleship Potemkin

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… lack of respect for Russia’s common people—the working class, the everyday soldiers treated worse than dogs by the authorities. It is essentially Orwell’s animal farm without the irony. It is Soviet idealism, typical of the Soviet film era (Neff). This paper will discuss the merits of Eisenstein’s film ……


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Equine Viral Arteritis

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… may also infect alpacas and llamas. Transmission between equines occurs via respiration, venereal contact or congenitally (Timoney, 2019). It is not a Foreign animal Disease but does occur globally among equines throughout the world. EVA is a reportable disease in Virginia (Virginia Department of Health, 2016).
Clinical … or come into contact with other horses, whether semen shipments were received and used, and what donors or recipients were recently at the farm (Timoney et al., 2008).
The disease is diagnosed by lab testing (Timoney et al., 2008). The……



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Canadian Reciprocity Treaty Of 1854

Pages: 10 (2920 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:12980829

… on many primary products. Among the primary products that could no longer attract duties included lumber, timber, coal, tallow, poultry, fish, fruit, meats, animal, breadstuffs, flour, and grain. The treaty also allowed American fishermen to fish in British colonial fisheries and granted British people the right to ……



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Local Vs Organic Food

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… (though there is no guarantee they are raised or grown non-GMO). Nonetheless, consuming local foods comes with the added benefit of supporting local farm and the local economy. Plus, with local foods, one is more likely to be able to know for sure that one is getting … Plus, with local foods, one is more likely to be able to know for sure that one is getting quality foods from quality farm whom one can inspect with one’s own eyes, get to know on a social level, and be more confident in the quality of … healthiest foods a person can eat, so it makes sense from this point of view to always eat local, as it will be farm fresh and straight from the farm to one’s home in a quarter of the time it takes for food from another country or state to make it to one’s……



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