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The Bell Jar Shows How Shock Therapy Makes Women Strong

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… Model of a Self-Sufficient Woman in The Bell Jar
Sylvia Plath’s first person narrator in The Bell Jar comes across as a holden caulfield type—a disaffected, somewhat lost, but highly intelligent individual capable of critical thought and therefore exceedingly lonely in a world of conformists, who seem … is emotionally and where she thinks she is supposed to be (based on cultural norms and expectations), Esther is very similar to Salinger’s caulfield, who expresses the same sort of misgivings as he wanders the same city in the midst of an existential crisis: in fact, as … fact, as Bell (2016) points out there is a veritable geneaology of type that stretches from Twain’s Tom and Huck on down to holden and Esther. But holden and Esther particularly seem like mirror images of one another: both characters seek to achieve something special and both wind up in a ………



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