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Declaration Of Independence

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...Analogy Social Science Lesson Plan Part II
Lesson Title:
American Revolution: Understanding the Declaration of Independence—Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan
Unit Central Historical Question(s):
How did the Declaration of Independence justify the American Revolution?
Subject / Course:
American History
Lesson Duration:
55 min
Content Learning Objective (content and product):
Students will be able to determine the meaning and uses of terms and phrases by examining them in context and relating them to the cultural ideas of the time.
After completing the anticipatory set, a brief review, investigating Document A and B as a class, completing the guided instruction, and engaging in a class discussion, students will be able to identify key terms and phrases and explain their meaning.
Historical Thinking Learning Objective (thinking skill and product):
Students will be able to weigh the justifications for the American Revolution by considering them in the light of the philosophies of……

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Sexual Behavior And Sexual Morality

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...Analogy Sexual Morality
Sexual morality is the exploration of sexual behavior in the light of moral consideration like what is morally right and wrong for sexual behavior, which can be applied to other areas as well (Primoratz, 2013). These are further founded through various philosophies being around this topic that is rooted like sex and what function it plays in the life of a human being (Primoratz, 2013). Philosophers have long argued and named sexual activities with different analogies, until Bertrand Russell and Sigmund Freud, who considered sex as morally righteous (Halwani, 2018).
The meta-ethics is the understanding of moral principles through deeply analyzing its origin and nature for reaching moral conclusions (McCord, 2012). It leads us to moral truths and the reasoning behind the moral judgments and conclusion for different areas of exploration (McCord, 2012). It delves into the deeper meaning of what morality is, in analyzing different philosophies (McCord,……



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Malala Yousafzai

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Are words as powerful as weapons? Malala Yousafzai has often made this analogy in her speeches and written works, and there is some merit to the idea that words have a power that is similar to … a power that is similar to the power held by weapons. She’s said, for example, that “books are more powerful than guns.” 

The analogy is not a new one, but Malala is a poignant example of this idea in action, having survived an attempt on her life, … idea in action, having survived an attempt on her life, merely for speaking strongly in favor of girls’ education rights. For Malala, this analogy is what got her started, and has proven to drive her since that point. 
What she means when she says this is simple. ……

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Angleton S Counterintelligence Program And What Went Wrong

Pages: 9 (2657 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:36485484

… but that did not mean the creation ceased to exist. In fact, the creation went on to destroy the creator.
Such an ominous analogy may be appropriate, at least according to Wettering (2000), the retired Central Intelligence Agency operations officer, who oversaw clandestine operations in Europe and ……


Reference List

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One Nation Under God Documentary

Pages: 5 (1539 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:57268842

...Analogy Gay and Lesbian Fight for rights based on \"One Nation Under God\" Documentary
Heterosexism is very religious in the context where the people believe that God created people in pairs of the opposite sex, and involved within the same-sex people is considered highly sinful (Rzeznik, 1993). In this sense, heterosexism is considered a natural sexual orientation. At the same time, homosexuals are contrasted in this film in different ways, where people have devised various analogies to explain this sexual orientation other than being natural. Homosexuals are considered mentally ill to the point where people have researched their family history and came up with different theories like having a distant father or mother and son relationship configuration creates a disturbance in childhood, which results in problematic sexual orientation (Rzeznik, 1993). It is considered ungodly to practice sexual orientation by the homosexuals (Rzeznik, 1993)
Some believe that heterosexuality is locked within the……



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