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One Nation Under God Documentary Essay

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Gay and Lesbian Fight for rights based on "One Nation Under God" Documentary

Heterosexism is very religious in the context where the people believe that God created people in pairs of the opposite sex, and involved within the same-sex people is considered highly sinful (Rzeznik, 1993). In this sense, heterosexism is considered a natural sexual orientation. At the same time, homosexuals are contrasted in this film in different ways, where people have devised various analogies to explain this sexual orientation other than being natural. Homosexuals are considered mentally ill to the point where people have researched their family history and came up with different theories like having a distant father or mother and son relationship configuration creates a disturbance in childhood, which results in problematic sexual orientation (Rzeznik, 1993). It is considered ungodly to practice sexual orientation by the homosexuals (Rzeznik, 1993)

Some believe that heterosexuality is locked within the people; it's just their gender insecurities, which causes them to be homosexual, thus involving in a more masculine act for males like football can resolve this (Rzeznik, 1993). This shows that people put different views and studies to go the length in proving that homosexuality is a problem and a disease to be rid of. This is the reason Exodus International was established to help people become normal through psychological therapies. The ex-gay movement came into being where the homosexuals who are transitioned from being gay to heterosexual, advocates the same for other homosexuals just like Gary Cooper and Michael Busse. They later fell in love with each other and withdrew themselves from the movement (Rzeznik, 1993). As the studies suggested as well that people who claimed to be changed, went back to pursuing their sexual orientation or disguised themselves and suppressed their desire (Rzeznik, 1993).

In one instance, an ex-gay woman is shown to be claiming that moral conviction is the motivation for her to transform her sexual orientation as she considers that lying in bed with a woman is a sinful act (Rzeznik, 1993). This shows that religion and culture have shaped society's fabric, coming from generations of myths about homosexuality. Even their transition is contrasted with alcoholism, a kind of illegal addiction, by the president of Exodus International to prove a futile point that if alcoholism can be treated, this can be too (Rzeznik, 1993).

Some early pioneers that helped the evolution of the gay rights movement contributed heavily to where we stand today as same-sex marriages are now legal, accepting homosexuals in the eyes of the law (History, 2020). Henry Gerber founded the Society for Human Rights in 1924, documenting gay rights (History, 2020). He was the first person to publish a newsletter for the gay community (History, 2020). Michael McConnell and Jack Baker were the first pioneers to coin the term gay marriages in 1970, applied for a marriage license in Minnesota, which today can be…

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…the group as well since the government holds heavy prejudice against them. This prejudice is similar to what they have been holding against blacks and Jews (Rzeznik, 1993). Due to this prejudice, they have not only been deprived of rights but governmental agencies and other groups like Rev Louis Sheldon, Coalition of Traditional Values fund clinics that supposedly transforms gays into heterosexuals (Rzeznik, 1993).

Michael Busse and Gary Cooper address that after the Cold War, the right-wing fundamentalist, needed a group to fear or hate them. This group is now the homosexuals because of which they are shown as being evil and having destructive agendas for the American society (Rzeznik, 1993). They both further go on to address that if you're born Christian, there are political agendas that you need to abide by. These agendas include anti-abortion and anti-gay movements. Moreover, you have to be against the national endowment of arts, etc. to show how politically influenced these ideologies and notions are (Rzeznik, 1993).

Due to all of these challenges, the world even today has several deep-rooted traditional beliefs and fundamental viewpoints against the homosexuals as being sinful and shameful, causing a homophobic mindset which has given birth to violence against homosexuals for several years due to their identity (Dworkin, 2002). Not just the homosexuals are targeted, but the activists have also been targeted with extreme violence (Dworkin, 2002). Even in other countries, homophobia is persisting due to the US Evangelical movements…

Sample Source(s) Used


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