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Why Having a Proper Work Life Balance Reduces Burnout Essay

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The work-life balance is important for anyone who has a life outside of work. Some people make their careers their whole lives and they manage to be successful because they do not have any real life outside of their work. They live to work and that is fine for them. However, most people do not live that way: most people have a family outside of work; they have friends, they have children or spouses, and they have duties and obligations that they must meet outside of what they do professionally. Sometimes these duties relate to the community or to a church or to a school or to a house or family. The bottom line is that these duties necessitate that a person be able to balance the work-life relationship in a way that sufficient time is given to both one’s professional responsibilities and to one’s private responsibilities.

The concept of work-life balance is that one should have a healthy and effective management of time with regards to work and life. It is going to be different for everyone, so knowing what works for oneself is important (Sanfilippo, 2020). If a person can work a lot and leave a little bit of time for personal recreation or responsibilities, that may be all that is needed. Others might find that they require more personal time and thus devote more of the ratio to their own lives instead of to work.

It is all about managing one’s time so that one does not get overwhelmed by work or by life. One can easily be pulled…

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…their lives. If they are not getting these opportunities, they are going to feel overburdened and less satisfied. Job satisfaction levels can go down and motivation can sputter to a halt. Companies should be mindful that workers feel energized and engaged at work. If they are burned out, they might quit and job turnover rates could skyrocket. That leads to more costs for the company. It is better if the company promotes maintaining a work-life balance that effectively supports the emotional, social, mental, and spiritual health needs of all workers. This is how a company shows it cares about its workers, and that kind of demonstration goes a long way in helping workers to feel valued. The more valued they feel to employers, the more likely they are to be committed and dedicated to the…

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