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Starbucks Use of Wireless Technology Term Paper

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In this world of technological advancement, companies are trying to gain competitive advantage through using unique ways of reaching out to the customers. Since wireless technology is everywhere, many companies have commercialized and expanded their business through it. Starbucks is one such company.

Starbuck uses GPS (Global Positioning System) in its Application to know the location of the customer on the basis of which it sends notification and music information to help select the customer their taste of music as this system provides accurate position, time and speed information through satellite.[footnoteRef:1] This has increased customer engagement and brand loyalty as the App offers other unique features too but the tracking of location and giving out customized packages within the area of the customer has made it more successful in attracting the customers towards them. Also due to its built-in GPS system in the user Application, it can suggest a nearby Starbucks to help the customer find it. This has increased brand knowledge among the customers as they are more aware of the locations of Starbucks due to the GPS system. [1: Torrington, M. (2016, April 12). Starbucks: A Case Study in Effective Mobile App Marketing. Digital Turbine.]

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…and using their phones. The overall in-store experience improved through wireless technologies, making the customer spend more time in the coffee shop. [4: Greenemeier, L. (2014, June 24). Starbucks to Offer Wireless Caffeine for Smartphones. Scientific American .] [5: Brewin, B. (2001, Jan 08). Starbucks takes wireless leap. Computer World .]

Starbucks uses wireless technology to know its customer, to identify the locations and to devise strategies which has helped them in growing their business and retaining their customers. In a way, like many other businesses, wireless technology has enhanced and simplified the complex decision making, helping the company in…

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