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Improvement Plan

The school selected for this particular paper is Anna R. Langford Community Academy. Vision and mission statements are beneficial for school in regard to providing a general idea of the direction they want to take and what they wish to be, Imperatively, vision and mission statements put in place clear anticipations and standards for the entire school community, and aid the school in attaining mutual goals. Specifically, a vision statement is a shared expression of the school’s ambitions.

Vision Statement

Anna R. Langford Community Academy will engage every student in a rigorous, well-rounded instructional program and will graduate every student prepared for success in college, career and life.

Evaluate the Vision

There are a number of strengths of the vision statement. To begin with, the school’s vision statement is clear and can be understood by all involved stakeholders. In addition, the statement itself is succinct enough and therefore can be easily remembered. The statement clearly answers what, who, how, and why. What is Anna R. Langford Community Academy. The who is all students. How encompasses engaging them in a rigorous, well-rounded instructional program. Why is to graduate every student prepared for success. Importantly, the vision statement is sufficiently realistic in that in can be achievable and it is also sufficiently simple to be understood. Lastly, the statement is one around which celebration can and will take place in terms of the students that will be graduated to experience success either in college, in their careers and in life as a whole.

Nonetheless, there are a number of weaknesses. To begin with, I do not believe that the vision statement is the template by which all decisions are made. Rather, it is the school’s mission statement, which states that “Anna R. Langford Community Academy is committed to providing quality instruction to all students including our diverse learners while integrating the arts into the curriculum to further motivate, inspire and prepare our students for college and beyond.” Secondly, the statement does not necessarily mirror the distinctive competence of the organization and also does not reflect the organizational values, beliefs, and philosophies of the school. What is more, it cannot be deemed to be an energy source and a rally point of the organization.

Review and Revision Plan

Taking into consideration that Anna R. Langford Community Academy does have a vision statement, the assumption is that it has to be reviewed for revision periodically. The vision statement design team is the one that would be responsible for this particular undertaking. The team should include at least one representative from every department, pathway and every other program such as Special Education. The following are the steps that will…

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