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Joe R Feagins White Racial Frame Reaction Paper

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Explain Joe R. Feagin’s white racial frame. Where did it come from? How is it perpetuated?

This white racial frame is four centuries old and it entails various racial theories and ideologies such as stereotyping and bigotry as well as other aspects of communication such as interlinking interpretations, sounds of language, and emotions. Also covered is people’s inclination to be discriminative in everyday life (Picca et al 2).

The existence of the white racial frame has made it part and parcel of the American experience in both American institutions and minds. The wide perspective it encompasses has made it one of the tenets of the legitimization and maintenance of racism in the country. For many years, extreme racist practices such as slavery were part of the American experience (Picca et al 3).

Enslavement practices began officially in 1607 on the founding of the first English colony at Jamestown. The English would go on to make their first purchase African slaves in 1619 from a Dutch ship. Extreme racism against people of African descent would run for 350 years between 1619 and 1969 when segregation was ended by the civil rights law. Not many people appreciate the fact that for most of the nation’s history, slavery was legal (Feagin 1).

Further, a study of the demographic distribution of the United States reveals that African Americans mostly reside in 15 states with most of the states being in the South or the states that border the South. The reality on the ground is that most of these states are still heavily segregated with Blacks…

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…notable case. Historians portray him as an impeccable moral man who was a ‘good’ slave master. Seldom is his role in the bloody extension of the slavery ecosystem discussed. George Washington harshly treated his own African American slaves and did heartless acts such as whipping, removal of teeth, meting out harsh punishment to runaway slaves, and raffling. The need for some historians to stress that he was not a racist when evidence shows that he was cruel to his slaves is counterproductive (Feagin, 6).

The white racial frame is something that people still experience in daily life. It can be subtle or overt. Professors, being unaware of their own biases or how their framing can affect their students, may make statements that their students can classify as racial mistreatments. Here is a video link…

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Feagin, Joe R. The white racial frame: Centuries of racial framing and counter-framing. Routledge, 2010.

Picca, Leslie H., and Joe R. Feagin. "Two-faced racism: Whites in the backstage and frontstage." (2007).

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