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How to be a Great Leader

Effective leadership and a solid corporate culture are absolutely essential to organizational success. Leaders are like the captains of a ship while the corporate culture is like the sea through which the ship navigates. A good captain will make sure the shipmates understand the mission and have the right spirit to see it through. A good culture will allow for smooth sailing—and, of course, a bad culture will be like sailing through a hurricane or typhoon. Good leaders will help to create a good culture that empowers workers and fosters success; bad leaders will inevitably foster a bad culture that undermines the organization’s mission (Schyns & Schilling, 2013). This paper will discuss what matters most when leading and creating a positive culture.

No organization is ever without conflict. When it comes to managing conflict, one of the most important leadership traits a leader can have is emotional stability. Leaders are looked to for guidance because they are supposed to be firm and like a rock when all else around one is seemingly being tossed like a ship at sea during a storm. The leader has to keep a cool and calm head, show focus and determination, and demonstrate a keen ability to keep from getting ruffled and riled up by the issues that upset others. A leader who cannot show emotional stability is one who risks not being a leader long. As Kirkpatrick and Locke (1991) point out, a leader without emotional stability is more likely to derail an organization’s mission than a leader who is perceived to be emotionally stable.

Communication is also essential in order for an organization to be successful. One strategy a leader can adopt in order to improve communication is to request feedback from workers and make himself more available…

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…workers so that they do not become resistant.

In summation, resistance can be a major obstacle to success, and in order to manage conflict the leader must be emotionally stable and must promote effective communication by opening the lanes for two-way flow of communication. The best strategy here is to request feedback from personnel so that they feel more involved in the overall decision-making process and that their opinions and insights are appreciated and that they matter. A leader who respects his workers enough to set time aside to listen to them is one who will improve morale and create a positive culture. Leaders have to be engaged with their workers—they cannot be distant and disconnected from them. Most workers are going to need help reaching the level of self-actualization—and for that reason leaders should acquaint themselves with the concept of servant leadership and be willing to use emotional and social intelligence to…

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