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Ethics And Health Information

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… against end user mistakes—protections such as double security via multi-factor authentication (Crossler & Posey, 2017). This paper will discuss the programming language and relational database that should be used to accommodate security needs for the HIS, the information tools and safeguards required to protect it, the security needed … protect it, the security needed for electronic health records, an applicable code of ethics, and proposals for training staff.
HIS Programming Language and relational database to Accommodate the Task
As Prince (2013) notes, “some programming languages are more susceptible to specific security flaws than others”—which means that some … a program that is secure; but starting with a language that can help minimize the risk of human error is preferable.
As for database, the most common database used in health care is the relational database (Campbell, 2004). These are the most commonly used because they allow for the tracking of……



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