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The Lord Of The Rings And The Role Of The Wizard

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… widely perceived in the mythology today as being a mentor of the King. This sense of mentorship can also be seen in Tolkien’s lord of the rings in the character of Gandalf, who serves as mentor for numerous characters—first, for Bilbo, then for Frodo, but also very much for Aragorn, … the final book of the series.
As Goodrich notes, Merlin is always a good and wise mentor to King Arthur, and in Tolkien’s rings novels, Gandalf plays essentially the same role for Frodo and the others. While Frodo is not destined to be a future king in … Gandalf plays essentially the same role for Frodo and the others. While Frodo is not destined to be a future king in The lord of the rings, Aragorn is, and Gandalf is a close advisor of the man who is first introduced to the Hobbits as Strider. Aragorn’s real identity……


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The Impact Of The Black Death On European Society

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...Lord rings How Did The “Black Death” Reshape European Society?
As it spread across Europe, the Black Death did more than just wipe out tens of millions of people. Far beyond the impact the Black Death had on individual lives, the disease had a tremendous impact on the evolution of European culture and history. The Black Death flattened the social hierarchy because the disease did not discriminate between rich and poor. As a result, the poor and working classes organized to overthrow the centuries-old exploitative labor systems like feudalism. Because neither church nor state responded credibly to the Black Death, the epidemic weakened the authority of the Catholic Church and fostered populist rebellions. Likewise, the Black Death prompted interest in credible scientific responses to disease, even while superstition and religiosity remained. The disease led to widespread population migrations, the restructuring of society, abandonment of inherited wealth and property, and the renegotiation of……


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