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Sensible Gun Control Public Service

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Persuasion is the cornerstone of advertising. Using the classic rhetorical devices of pathos, ethos, and logos, advertisers create emotionally powerful campaigns designed to change the ways consumers—or voters—think, act, and feel. The goal of advertising is ultimately behavioral change. … change. One print advertisement by the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America demonstrates the deft implementation of pathos, ethos, and logos in a striking visual campaign.
In one Moms Demand Action ad, for example, two school children—both girls—sit cross-legged on the floor of their … one” is rendered in red text. The “Little Red Riding Hood” advertisement is effective because of the skillful combination of pathos, ethos, and logos.
Logos refers simultaneously to the use of logic and language in persuasive advertising campaigns like the Moms Demand Action “Little Red Riding Hood” ad. … the safety of children. Symmetrically composed, the visual elements of the advertisement parallel……


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The First Epistle Of John

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...Logos Main Idea and Outline
1 John 5:13-21: John concludes his letter with a few parting thoughts on the faith of the believers and the confidence they should have in God, as well as encouragement to avoid sin and idolatry, pray for sinners, and flee the world, which is ruled by the devil, and be a true Son of Jesus Christ.
I. John describes why he wrote the epistle (v. 13)
II. John explains why his audience should have faith (vv. 14-15)
III. John urges his audience to pray for sinners that they might convert and identifies a difference between two types of sin (vv. 16-19)
a. the Sin that leads to Death (v. 16)
b. the Sin that does not lead to Death (v. 17)
c. John also alludes to life of grace that exists in the soul when one is faithful to God (vv. 18-19)
IV. John concludes with……



1 John 5:13-21

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Gun Violence Among African American Community

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...Logos Gun Violence Effect on African American Community
The African American community has faced the brunt of the criminal justice system in the aftermath of gun violence. For starters, the violence takes a toll on these communities. The violence that emanates from the use of guns and other incidences of shooting rips families apart and tears the family and community fabric. There's often a second devastating effect that results from the violence. The police frequently have to stop members of the colored community on the streets and run inspections. The outcome is that the community becomes suspicious of the law enforcement authorities. Indeed, any government departments, including but not limited to the police, are under thorough scrutiny regarding the treatment of people of color. There are calls for reforms in the justice system owing to the disproportionate numbers of people of color in incarceration. Also, the increase in gun violence……



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Twitter External Internal Analysis Report To CEO

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...Logos Appendix
External Analysis
1. PESTEL Analysis
1.1. Political
1.1.1.Global leaders use of social media impacts the political landscape and is able to influence operations. (C-142)
1.1.2. Several high-profile world leaders utilize social media platforms to address their followers, the most notable being U.S. President Donald Trump who tweets regularly to announce global interactions with other political leaders. They also have high interactions and reach with the global community: U.S President Donald Trump had 30.13 million twitter followers as at May 2017 and former U.S. President Barack Obama had 103 million followers as at June 2018 (C-142)
1.1.3. Depending on the political climate in various countries, governments may censor content and access to social media platforms.
1.2. Economics
1.2.1. Generated revenues through advertising, data licensing and other products. products. In 2017, total revenue generated was $2,443, 299, 000 (C-142)
1.2.2. Fluctuating exchange rates and inflation rates can affect overall profit-margins. (C-147)……



Thompson, Arthur A.,. (2015). Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Readings..New York: McGraw-Hill Education, (pp. 138-148)

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Law In Business

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...Logos Law in Business
Source: Saunders, K. M., & Golden, N. (2018). Skill or secret? — the line between trade secrets and employee general skills and knowledge. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 61-99.
This article primarily focuses on how employees should treat trade secrets legally. The authors argue that as agents or former agents of companies, employees should not disclose trade secrets or any other important confidently information to anyone. Neither should they use it. However, an employee is free to utilize general skills, knowledge, and/ or experience that he or she may have gained on a current or former job without being accused of trade secret misappropriation. This law is related to two legal concepts: employee mobility and protect competition. Nevertheless, the difference between general knowledge and trade secrets is usually not clear. Even the courts in different jurisdictions have not be consistent about what is what between the……


Edelman, M. (2018). Lack of integrity? Rebutting the myth that U. S. commercial sports leagues have an intellectual property right to sports gambling proceeds. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 1-16.

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Saunders, K. M., & Golden, N. (2018). Skill or secret? — the line between trade secrets and employee general skills and knowledge. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 61-99.


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