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What Is Public Administration Today

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… are a complete disaster. So the lack of transparency is a major issue with respect to private administration.
The significance of administrative federalism from the federal, state and local perspectives ranges from setting quality standards to deciding which projects to put in motion. At every level, … the federal, state and local perspectives ranges from setting quality standards to deciding which projects to put in motion. At every level, administrative federalism means something a little different. For example, at the federal level, it means having the power to set the scope of a project … to pursue based on what the will of one’s constituents appears to be (Schwager, 1999). Thus, for each of the three perspectives, administrative federalism carries a unique significance.
At the federal level, administrative federalism is unique because it provides the federal government with the ability to “make front-line decisions about the scope of……



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Trends In Civil And Criminal Liability In The Private Security Industry

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...Federalism The private security industry will become generalists in the next century. The industry must be well versed in a number of disciplines. It must base its operations and decisions on demographic and economic trends, and rapid technological changes. Traditionally, the private security industry focused mainly on security and safety of its subjects. Although they continue to be a major focus of the industry, prevailing trends indicate that the industry requires extensive knowledge in other emerging critical areas to become successful. The additional areas include, but are not limited to law, computers and management (Dempsey, 2008).
Current and future private security companies require extensive knowledge of the law. Legislations governing the industry have either been passed by various states or in the processed of being passed. Furthermore, several federal laws indirectly or directly affect management of the private security industry. For instance, legislation on denying employers polygraph use in pre-employment screening……


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