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Investigative Conclusion And Testimony

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… are concerned and it has to adhere to various court rules. To a large extent, the said report details the analysis of the expert witness and the conclusions arrived at as a consequence of the said analysis. To ensure that the expert witness is sufficiently cross-examined, the other parties must be furnished with details of the report. Adam (2016) points out that the duty of the … is sufficiently cross-examined, the other parties must be furnished with details of the report. Adam (2016) points out that the duty of the expert witness to the court supersedes all other duties (i.e. duty to the employer). For this reason, as an expert witness, I ought to be not only impartial, but also independent. The basis for expert opinion is Rule 702 of the federal evidence rules (Adam, 2016). There are some key differences that exist between expert witness and fact witness.……



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Criminal Justice Ethical Issues

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… common good this would be the most ethical approach.
Defense attorney misconduct including ineffective counsel, subordination of perjury and use of questionable expert witness—these are all examples of unethical practices by one’s lawyer. A person has a Constitutional right to mount a defense, and if his lawyer ……



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Evolution Of Forensic Science

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...Expert witness Forensic science evolved as an attempt to introduce scientific methods into criminal justice. From the 18th century onward, advancements in chemistry, biology, and physics paved the way for forensic science (Gaensslen & Larsen, 2019). Likewise, the routine use of autopsy and forensic pathology helped improve the ability to understand the causes of death (Gaensslen & Larsen, 2019). Forensic science steadily evolved, in conjunctions with advancements in scientific instruments and the methods used for data collection and analysis. DNA evidence and analysis has made a huge impact on forensic science. Current concerns in forensic science include the need for increased reliability and validity of forensic science methods, as well as public perceptions of forensic science. Because perceptions of forensic science could have a direct impact on juror decisions, distinguishing real from junk science becomes one of the most important issues in criminal justice.
Scientific Methods in Forensic Science
Forensic scientific methods……



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Legal And Ethical Issues In Healthcare

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… Many of such issues arise from developments in genetic knowledge and reproductive health (Taylor, 2015).
The relationship between the patient and the healthcare expert, the human subject behavioral research, harvesting and transplanting of human organs, abortion, euthanasia, and allocation of healthcare resources and services are other areas … it is received and practiced should be improved qualitatively (Taylor, 2015).
There is a need to make an ethical decision whenever a healthcare expert meets a situation where there is a competition between values or uncertainty. These dilemmas could arise at personal, professional, organizational, and societal levels. … tool to help healthcare executives deal with ethically confusing situations (Yip, Han &Sng, 2016).
Problems of implementing ethical decisions
One challenge that healthcare expert face in implementing ethical decisions is the lack of education on ethical decision making. While medical staff faces dilemmas almost daily, the problem … or some other influences beyond……



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Social Media And Its Effects On Girls

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… these services in the past. In fact, current estimates indicate that nearly 4 billion people use at least one social media service and expert predict that at least half of the world’s population will be using these services by mid-2021 (Kemp 2020). Although people of all ages ……


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