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Who to Save End of the World Scenario Essay

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Who to Save: Thinking About Stereotypes

The end of the world is a terrible prospect to contemplate. To rebuild society, while it is necessary to reproduce humans on a biological level, ideally one would hope to create a new, better society to support future life. This includes a society which is less prone to disease, famine, and basic unkindness. It would also be valuable to preserve the best knowledge which exists in the present generation for the good of future generations, hopefully to avoid future nuclear devastation, environmental degradation, and strife.

Given the need for sound scientific knowledge, the first person I would choose would be the lesbian Chinese microbiologist. Not only would she know how to combat diseases that might arise in the future that could save humanity, she is only 32 and would likely be healthy and able to exist for many years, providing assistance to the remaining human beings and hopefully shaping the world for a better tomorrow. For similar reasons, I would also select the gay 37 year old male chemist. Even if his scientific specialty is not specifically in the fields that might be of greatest interest to the surviving members of the earth, he would still have a scientific mindset and training needed to potentially treat disease and address concerns which might arise in saving the planet, as well as safeguarding against any future dangers that might result from nuclear devastation.

I would also save the 43 year old musician who is an excellent hunter. Given that the food supplies available might be unstable, having someone who…

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…would still possess enough knowledge and acumen to pass on vital information to future generations to justify his inclusion.

Of the remaining individuals, many possess qualities that make them liabilities more than assets, such as the potential to pass along diseases that will be difficult to treat in a dystopian, apocalyptic reality or an unfair insistence that they must bring someone with them. With this in mind, I would probably take along the 48 year old male biologist that is agoraphobic, given that agoraphobia, although it can be crippling, is probably the least serious of all of the diseases suffered by the prospective candidates. I would also select the 42 year old female linguistics professor, given that she is the least likely to require additional caregiving and she still may be capable of producing…

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