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How Healthcare Policy Impacts Advanced Practice Nursing Essay

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How Healthcare Policy Impacts APN

Explanation of how healthcare policy can impact the advanced practice nurse profession

The role of APN is to provide primary, specialty, and acute care through assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of those who seek healthcare services. Healthcare policies are meant to improve healthcare services, and thus, they affect the APN profession. However, the specific effect of any policy depends on the specific policy (Taft & Nanna, 2008). For example, one of the policies that affected the APN profession was the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This act, at its core, was to provide healthcare to the marginalized, to those with chronic sicknesses, and at the same time, more healthcare from the hospital in favor of outpatient.

Because of the nature of the ACA, the APN profession was impacted through the increment of persons seeking healthcare. There were more- and sicker patients entering the healthcare system, and thus, the APN profession has to adjust accordingly to provide care to more (Lathrop & Hodnicki, 2014). Because the healthcare system was expanded to cover more, there was an increment in the emergency room visits. ACA provided care to persons with chronic disease, and thus, APNs have to offer more emergency room treatment. Lastly, healthcare delivery shifted from the hospital. ACA sought to reduce the costs of healthcare delivery, and thus, it required more outpatient care. This meant that APNs working in outpatient, they had to visit communities more.

In summary, a healthcare policy can affect the APN profession in terms of the time and resources required.

Why advocacy is an essential…

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…all parties involved in the policy change process to commit to the process (Flemming, 2017). For example, an APN who is inspirationally motivated can motivate the elected leaders to commit to the policy change process.

Intellectual stimulation – this pillar describes a leader who can encourage creativity and innovation by challenging the status quo (Metz et al., 2019). Thus pillar is very relevant to policy change because a person with intellectual stimulation can bring on board the relevant persons and establish solutions through critical thinking to solve prevailing problems appropriately.

Individual consideration – this pillar describes a leader who is considerate and encourages those he/she leads to reach their goals (Metz et al., 2019). This quality means that in the policymaking process, an individual with this quality will lobby and mobilize all the…

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