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...Bath Marketing to a Target Population and Differentiating Services
The New Product
The new product is a spa that services mothers of young children. It is called Ma Spa and the innovative idea behind the service is that it provides care for her kids while she receives her spa treatment. Most moms with small kids do not have the opportunity to stop in at the spa because they have kids in tow—so the Ma Spa is designed for them: no appointments needed and no worries about what to do with the children. The Ma Spa has certified childcare professionals on staff who oversee the children as they play in their own play area while Mom relaxes and gets her hair or nails done. It is a business that caters specifically to women and lets them know how special and important they are to the community by making sure their beauty and……



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Lifelong Learning Plan For A Healthcare Administrator

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...Bath Lifelong Learning Plan
I have both personal and professional reasons for wanting to develop a lifelong learning plan. I am in Clarksville, TN, near the Army post at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and am currently a federal employee—but my goal is, upon completing my Master Degree in Health Care Administration, to work in the Army Substance Abuse program. This is my goal because in my childhood I saw my mother struggle with substance abuse and experienced what it is like to grow up in that kind of environment. While she struggled with addiction, my brothers and I bounced from post to post—there was a lot of instability and we all suffered as a result of it. I would like to run a facility where the children of such situations can reside with their sole custody parent. It would be a facility that holistically treats the addicted parent and helps with……



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The Differences In Religions And Their Burial Rituals

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… one day of death. The custom at the time of death is similar to that conducted in the Jewish tradition: the body is bathed, and then it is enshrouded in white cotton or linen, and the deceased is placed in a grave. The purpose of bathing the body is to clean it, and heated water is used for the custom. It is a custom that stems from the ritual ……


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