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(This one wasn't a surprise either, considering no one can get a word in edgewise with me)

Maximizer, Here I go again, wanting to go one step better than before (and I wanted to know if I am an over achiever?)

Activator, I'm anxious for results? Well, of course, look at everything I have to achieve, communicate, maximize.

Futurist. I keep pulling into the future. Well, this one is not as strong. I get bogged down in the competition.

Now, what can I, my friends, family and boss do to use these to the best advantage?

Achiever: Ask me about goals, give me more expectations, and get me going as a writer or other form of communicator. but, so I don't drive everybody crazy, you better reign me in somewhat by someone strong on focus or discipline.

Communication -- Let me talk at the meeting, do the presentation, keep notes at the meeting.

Maximizer -- Tell me all about my strengths and let me move ahead on them. You better not put me with too many inclusive people or anyone who is restorative and wants to stay here and is now fixing things so they are perfect.

Activator -- Similar to Achiever

Futurist -- This is a good place to put me in order to slow me down some. I'll want to do some planning and strategic work, so it will keep me busy for a while.

The important thing about this book, however, is not so much about my strengths. I am so motivated and achievement driven, there are no surprises here. My parents have been telling me to slow down my whole life (see, playing to my weakness, not strength).

How I believe this is going to help me most is with the people that I lead either at work, or as a coach or even as a friend. If I know, for example, that one of my employees has a strong harmonious strength, I should keep him or her away from any conflicts and misunderstandings. It is better to put this person as head of the cross-functional team at work and help everyone get along. I also have to remember that with me being headstrong and this person being so into agreement, that he or she is not going to tell me when I'm doing something wrong or need to change. I'll need to have some else around who is as change oriented as I am to balance things out.

In sports, this will work the same way. It will really help me to know to put someone on the offense or defense, front line or back. If someone has an innate skill, it is important to use it as much as possible on a sports team. Then I can have the team win more, which, of course, will make me pleased with my achieving strength.

I think that it would be very helpful to have couples take this as well. It would give insights into the way that the two can communicate more effectively. They say that opposites attract, but in some of these cases it would be better to know these opposites in traits exist rather than find them out over time and arguments.

Lastly, with companies having so much competition and to compete globally, this could help them know best where to put which employees in order to have a better opportunity of success. I do not think, for example, that a company would want me to play the role of the negotiator. However, if it needs someone to go overseas and scout out some places for possible acquisition, I can use my communication, activator and achiever talents.

That means, however, I have to find a place to work that can appreciate my personality and not try to hold me back or make me something that I am not -- not that they could do this. I would like to see them try. However, I do not want to go from company to company and be unhappy in my jobs all the time. Despite the need to move fast, I'll have to work on the future trait so I find a job that I know has the type of culture on which I can thrive and who can respect my strengths and not…

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