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Aging Workforce

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How Managers Can Address Risks of an Aging Workforce
This paper examines the effects of the aging workforce on companies and how managers should address the issue. It identifies the risks associated with an aging workforce, looks at the challenges that this issue brings for managers, offers solutions and recommendations for what managers can do to address these risks … risks and challenges, discusses ergonomic issues and how to face resistance within the organization when changes are inevitably made to accommodate the aging workforce so as to enhance their performance and maximize their potential. It also looks at the positive side of having an aging workforce and why more people should work later in life and why managers should embrace this trend.
Keywords: aging workforce, managing aging workers, generational gap workplace
The workforce is aging in the 21st century (Heggeness, Carter-Johnson, Schaffer, & Rockey, 2016). An aging workforce……



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How To Use Employee Referrals To Increase Workforce But Still Be

Pages: 10 (3022 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:50167640

… of all referrals tending to be white men (Payscale, 2018). The central question is: How can HR use employee referrals to increase the workforce but still be able to maintain diversity within the organization? The solution is to consider closely the source of the referral. Different relationships ……



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Human Capital Needs In An Army Unit

Pages: 1 (318 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:28909985

Discussion Response #1
The effectiveness of any Army unit is partly affected by the size and capability of the existing workforce. Leaders in Army units face the need to promote the growth and development of the workforce in order to enhance their capabilities and overall effectiveness of the respective unit. As shown in your discussion, workforce capabilities in Army units are sometimes affected by the size of the workforce. An inadequate number of personnel contributes to gaps between the existing workforce and the human capital needs of the unit/organization. These gaps can be addressed through hiring an adequate number of personnel as well as … as well as employing various strategies toward employee engagement, training/retraining, and organizational adaptability. Your discussion correctly demonstrates that identification of gaps in the workforce and human capital needs should be based on the structure of the Army force structure and unit.
Personnel structure and composition……



U.S. Army War College. (2015, August). 2015-2016: How the Army Runs – A Senior Leader Reference Handbook. Retrieved November 22, 2019, from 


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Bass Pro Management

Pages: 7 (2070 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:46716922

Of Workforce Management
Workforce management is one of the most important aspects of operating a business (Randolph Thomas & Horman, 2006). From a Workforce Management standpoint, Bass Pro Shops is strategically committed to the pursuit of quality over the long term. However, there are areas for improvement, … work as now an organization that is more focused on customer service than it is on employee support. This paper will discuss the workforce environment of Bass Pro Shops, the nature of engagement and performance at Bass Pro, and how the workforce and leadership are being developed there. It will conclude with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Bass Pro’s workforce management, opportunities for improvement, and proposed actions.
Field of inquiry #1: Workforce Environment
How does your selected organization build an effective and supportive workforce environment?
Bass Pro Shops used to incentivize its workers with good pay, job security……



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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Various Organizational Behavior Theories

Pages: 14 (4343 words) Sources: 16 Document Type:Essay Document #:17367904

… the strengths and weaknesses of each of these three theories as well as the positive and negative ways that the theories impact the workforce behavior of organizations. Finally, in the context of Air India, the paper presents a critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of interrelationships ……



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Why Ageism Needs To Be Stopped In Society

Pages: 9 (2613 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Prompts Document #:38322228

… older persons who ordinarily would have retired continued on working in the workplace, fearing that their economic futures were not secure. Thus, the workforce is aging in the 21st century (Heggeness, Carter-Johnson, Schaffer, & Rockey, 2016). This means that there are now certain challenges for management in … have to be addressed. With more than a third of today’s workers now expecting to work past the age of retirement, an aging workforce is fast becoming a reality and creating increased need for cultural competency with respect to age (Lassila, 2019).
Developmental Theory Models
Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental … 2017). Yet, if younger people would stop trying to label older people, they could actually help them and construct a more stable and…[break]…aging workforce can face obstacles. Older workers may also lack stamina and have reduced homeostasis, which is the ability to operate normally even after a ……



Albom, M. (2019). Jabs at Joe Biden mask our growing ageism issue. Retrieved from 

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Lassila, S. (2019). Managing Risks of an Aging Workforce. Construction Executive, 2020. Retrieved from " target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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Walmart Total Rewards Program

Pages: 6 (1754 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:73393007

… Walmart, focused on the front line workers who work in the retail stores and make up the majority of the companies 2 million workforce. The distinction here has to be made between the front line retail workers and workers in other parts of the business, who might … reputation as an employer. A comprehensive total rewards program is highly likely to help meet all of these different criteria.
Segmentation of the Workforce
Walmart’s employs range for senior executives – who are tasked with running the world’s largest company by revenue – to a wide range … largest company by revenue – to a wide range of specialized professionals, to the associates who form the low-wage core of the company’s workforce. Associates are often part-time, work the flexible hours demanded of retail roles, and perform relatively low-skilled jobs, but do need to perform their … roles, and perform relatively low-skilled……



Group Dentistry Now (2019) Walmart introduces first-ever health center, which includes a comprehensive dental clinic. Group Dentistry Now. Retrieved May 7, 2020 from 

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Hospital Corporation Of America HCA

Pages: 2 (654 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:25519304

… Finance, 2019). To be able to continue addressing the healthcare needs of citizens going forward, HCA ought to not only capitalize on…[break]…a diverse workforce, both organizations can promote creativity and innovation because of the infusion of diverse ideas anchored on the different employee backgrounds. Also, the promotion ……



Hospital Corporation of America - HCA (2019). Who We Are. Retrieved from 

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Healthcare Provider Shortage

Pages: 9 (2590 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Research Proposal Document #:93189886

...Workforce Executive Summary
The healthcare sector in the United States is facing shortage of healthcare providers, particularly in rural settings. One of the most affected areas in the country is rural Maryland, especially Allegany County, which has been selected as the location for this project. The proposed plan seeks to help lessen the shortage of healthcare providers in the county using MedChi, an organization that provides public health resources in Maryland. MedChi could help address the problem through promoting adoption of technologies like telemedicine and expansion of the scope of practice of non-physician providers. To realize this objective, the organization needs to establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders within and outside the county’s health sector including policymakers. These partnerships should focus on identifying necessary resources for implementation of the proposed solution.
Provider Shortage Proposal
Shortage of providers in healthcare is a major issue facing this industry at a time when patient populations……



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HR Strategy And Practice

Pages: 5 (1520 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:77364433

… company. IBM seeks to achieve its HR strategy through leadership, performance-based opportunities, flexibility, creating a value-based culture, and hiring a diverse and talented workforce. IBM’s HR strategy is based on the matching or contingency approach to HR strategies and practices. Based on this approach, the HR strategy ……



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