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Depiction Of Women In The Arabian Nights Novels

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Middle East Literature: Portrayal of women in the arabian nights
Women play a significant role in the arabian nights. Many of the stories and tales in the collection explore the nature, potential dangers, and limits of the sexual drive or desires of … or as lesser beings to their portrayal as princesses or good people. This current paper explores this dual portrayal of women in the arabian nights, which is very similar to how women are presently portrayed and treated in the Arab World.
In the arabian nights tales, women are generally treated as lesser beings by men. If they do not act in compliance with men's wishes, they are either … the city watch captain by the caliph. She even takes up the extra role of being the Kahn's (inn) doorkeeper.
In conclusion, The arabian nights treat women as princesses provided that they act according to the wishes……


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