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Effectiveness Of In Home Monitoring Of CHF Patients

Pages: 9 (2655 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:76857727

… congestion among already diagnosed patients. The United States spends approximately $32.7 billion on congestive heart failure annually. Martirosyan et al. (2017) states that readmission rates for this condition remain high as nearly 20% of patients are readmitted within 30 days and nearly 50% within 6 months. This … diagnosis and treatment. However, these approaches are not entirely effective in management of the condition as evident in the high rate of hospital admission and rehospitalization. Moreover, patients experience deterioration of their conditions due to various factors including poor compliance with medical therapy, natural course of the … management of the condition and reducing rehospitalization. Recent evidence shows that approaches like in-home monitoring would play a critical role in lessening hospital admission and readmissions for CHF. Therefore, does in-home monitoring for CHF reduce the rates of rehospitalization?
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this quality improvement project is … in this evidence-based,……



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Ong et al. (2016, March). Effectiveness of Remote Patient Monitoring After Discharge of Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure. JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(3), 310-318.


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Higher Education Institutional Crisis And Solutions

Pages: 9 (2593 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:97229095

...Admission Introduction
Higher education continues to be a significant aspect within an economy with professions necessitating individuals with such educational attainments. However, institutions of higher education have continued to experience several challenges, including deteriorating student enrollments, increasing student debt across the United States, and also concerning student completion rates for the different educational programs. The Higher Education sector in the United States is experiencing major challenges. California State University, Los Angeles, is the leading all-inclusive public university that is situated at the heart of Los Angeles and is committed to engagement, service, and the public good. It is one of the renowned higher education institutions not only in Los Angeles but also in the state of California as a whole. The purpose of this report is to conduct extensive research to offer prospective solutions to an organizational problem being experienced at Cal State LA as a setting for higher education.



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Zeleza, P. T. (March 12, 2020). Money Matters: The Financial Crises Facing Universities. The Elephant. Retrieved from:


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Banking Industry Crimes

Pages: 6 (1933 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:73861053

...Admission Financial Crimes, Fraud, and Investigation
The banking sector is a critical part of a country’s economy. This is more so the case given that it is actively involved in the holding as well as management of diverse financial assets and the coordination of financial activities for the various other economic sectors. Although at the core of banking is holding of financial assets, other key activities include, but they are not limited to, commercial and personal banking services, insurance, etc. In that regard, therefore, banks happen to be one of the most sensitive sectors in an economy. Bank managers have a responsibility to ensure that all the regulatory standards are observed. Further, they also have a responsibility to ensure that the interests of various stakeholders in the banking sector are secured. The key stakeholders, from the perspective of a bank institution are inclusive of the government and the various regulatory agencies,……



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To Chief Diversity Office

Pages: 6 (1725 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Memorandum Document #:80199723

… as an integral component that defines the Harvard University community through the H-OAP office. Harvard has earned global recognition due to its fair admission criteria and an honest attempt at ensuring this objective is met. Over and above upholding diversity and inclusion at the human resource and ……


References (2019). Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved 19 March, 2019 from

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Childrens Amusement Park

Pages: 10 (3072 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:62460752

… business and all budgeting for staff, maintenance crew, cleaning crew, and management will come from these streams.
The following will be prices for admission/membership:
Family Membership: $450
Annual Single Person Membership: $95
Single Day Admission: $55 per person—all ages
The cost for raw materials will be:
Rent: $15 sq/ft
Game Zones (Trampolines, PlayStations, Learning Stations, etc.): $450,000 for ……



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Parent Family And Engagement Advocacy Event Plan

Pages: 5 (1604 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:48140575

… and parents on college programs and academic curriculum. This guidance is given, to prepare students for several aspects of college life, like taking admission tests, giving details about financing needs for secondary education and training, special workshops on personal development along with presentations, and provision of specialized ……



Amoah, S.A., Kwofie, I. & Kwofie, F.A.A. (2015). The school counselor and students’ career choice in high school: The assessor’s perspective in a Ghanaian case. Journal of Education and Practice, 6(23), 57-65. 

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US Department of Education. (2007, October 16). College and career guidance and counseling.


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Allied Health And Technology Institute Reopening Guidelines COVID 19

Pages: 11 (3201 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:35262297

August 2020
By the end of the month, we hope to reopen:
i) Academic facilities for courses that begin earlier than October
ii) Admissions processing for October 2020
Already open:
i) Several laboratories and associated spaces (phased, where buildings are ready and on the basis of priority)



CDC (2019). Operating Schools during Covid-19: CDC’s Considerations. Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC). Retrieved from 

DC Health (2020). Health Notice for district of Columbia Healthcare Providers . DC Health. Retrieved from 

WHO (2020). Key Messages and Actions for Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Schools. World Health Organization. Retrieved from 


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The Rising Cost Of Public Education In United States

Pages: 7 (2143 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Essay Document #:91796938

...Admission The US government has reduced its state funding for the higher educational institutes to lower the college costs, especially for ethnic groups since the increase in educational costs have made it harder for color and lower-income student to enroll in these colleges. There are numerous benefits for enrolling in the best educational institutions after the students are graduated that mainly includes higher incomes. Still, it puts pressure on those students whose households are earning low. With such stagnant earnings, it is greatly difficult for racially and economically diverse students to have affordability and access to the highly-priced educational institutes. Recently, the costs for attending a public college have surged up to $21,370 as compared to $8,250 in 1980, which means it is an approximately 30 percent rise in the public education costs (Hess “The Cost of College Increased”).
The three causes for the rise in the cost of public education……


Works Cited

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Pediatric Nursing And Gastroenteritis

Pages: 11 (3217 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Case Study Document #:91020805

… will provide such care and how the communication from physicians will be managed and coordinated. There should be effective communication between physicians at admission so that there will be satisfactory care. If possible, allow the child and family to make a pre-visit to the hospital where the ……



Campos, M. C., Rodrigues, K. C. S., & Pinto, M. C. M. (2010). Evaluation of the behavior of the pre-school one just admitted in the unit of pediatrics and the use of the therapeutic toy. Einstein (São Paulo), 8(1), 10-17.

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National Collaborating Centre for Women\\\\\\\\\\\\'s and Children\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Health; UK. (2009). Diarrhea and vomiting caused by gastroenteritis: diagnosis, assessment, and management in children younger than 5 years.


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Importance Of Ethics Within The Criminal Justice

Pages: 6 (1652 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:18050591

...Admission Introduction
Without any set moral guidelines and stipulations, a country’s criminal justice system is not capable of accurately meeting the needs of its people. The role of the system is to penalize poor conduct and make sure that victims of crime are well compensated for any of their losses (Braswell, McCarthy & McCarthy, 2017; Souryal & Whitehead, 2019). Ethics are valuable in such systems because they offer both the victim and the accused fair justice application (Kramer, 2018). In this essay, the significance of ethics within the criminal justice system is discussed. Also, instances of unethical behavior, as well as the legal responsibilities suffered by the doers of such action, are presented.
Importance of ethics within the criminal justice
Ethics offers answers to several questions within the system. What is considered bad behavior or conduct? What is the most suitable compensation for victims of crime, and what is the befitting……



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Jackson v. City of Chicago, No. 03 C 8289, (July 31, 2006).

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