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Policies for Addressing Global Cybercrime Essay

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Globalization of CrimeThe FBI (2011) case Botnet Operation Disabled shows what can happen when international criminal threat actors spread malware via servers to steal funds, hijack identities, and commit other crimes by way of a nefarious computer virus. There are numerous examples of this kind of cyber crime all over the world. For instance, hacktavist groups have proliferated in the 21st century and they use malware to infect government agency sites and industrial sectors (Kovacs, 2022). Additionally, the Asian-based cyber threat actor known as Webworm has been using modified malware to attack industries and agencies all over Asia (Lakshmanan, 2022a). And Charming Kitten (a prolific advanced persistent threat) originating from Iran has attacked using malware Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook accounts all over the world (Lakshmanan, 2022b). Clearly the globalization of cyber crime is a problem, as all of these cases combined point out. This paper will analyze administrative practices in the international cybercrime cases and make recommendations for improvement.Botnet Operation DisabledThe FBI (2011) case Botnet Operation Disabled reports how the FBI targeted a foreign botnet that was infecting 100,000 computers in the United States. The botnet, known as Coreflood, was used to steal personal and financial information by recording unsuspecting users' every keystroke. The FBI worked with Internet service providers and security companies to take control of the servers that were hosting the botnet, and then used those servers to send a kill command to the infected computers. As a result of this operation, the Coreflood botnet was taken down and the infected computers were freed from its control. This case is significant because it illustrates the governments ability to disrupt and dismantle large-scale criminal operations that are conducted online.Other Similar CasesAs Kovacs (2022) shows, a pro-Palestine hacktivist group named GhostSec; and a group named Gonjeshke Darande and others hacked state infrastructure using programmable logic controllers, causing disruptions in various states. The hackers used open ports and other publicly available tools to gain access to networks. Lakshmanan (2022a, 2022b) also shows that Webworm has been using customized malware to attack government networks in Russia, Mongolia and other Asian countries to take control of these networks and steal funds/information; and that likewise Charming Kitten used malware to hack email accounts, scrape sensitive data and eavesdrop on conversations. The cases all have the same things in common: a cyber threat using vulnerabilities in networks and the ignorance of end users to prey upon systems and steal data or funds or take networks hostage.Issues for Teams Working These CasesOne of the main issues for teams working to stop or prevent international cyber threats/crimes is that of attribution. That is, being able to identify who is behind a given attack. This can be difficult for a number of reasons. First, those carrying out attacks often use proxies or botnets to conceal their identity. Second, even if the identity of the attacker is known, it may be difficult to prove that they were acting on behalf of a government or other organization (Kovacs, 2022). This can make it hard…

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…Positive Results of OutcomesThere are a number of potential positive results that could come from changes in administrative practices to address global cybercrime. One is that it could lead to greater cooperation between different nations in terms of sharing information and investigators working together to track down perpetrators. This would be a major step forward in the fight against cybercrime, as currently there are often jurisdictional issues that hamper investigations. Another potential positive result is that it could help to deter would-be criminals, as they would know that there are better chances of being caught and punished if they engage in cybercrime. This could lead to a reduction in the overall levels of cybercrime, which would have a significant positive impact on society. It could also lead to more resources being devoted to prevention and detection of cybercrime, as well as increasing the punishment for those convicted of such crimes. This would send a strong message that society takes cybercrime seriously and is willing to invest in combating it.ReflectionAs someone who is aspiring to a career in criminal justice, it is important to be aware of the global implications of crime. Cybercrime is just one example of how crimes committed in one part of the world can have an impact on people and businesses in other parts of the world. By understanding the global landscape of crime, I can be better prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in my career. Plus, as cybercrime becomes more prevalent, there may be an increase…

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