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What do you do when you know what type of essay you need to write but can’t think of a proper topic? Answer: Come to our Essay Topic Generator and let us create the kind of topics you need to get started.

Need to write a controversial essay? Select that type from the drop down menu and click on the Generate Topic button!

Need to write an argumentative essay? No problem—we’ve got that covered as well!

Need to write a compare and contrast essay but don’t know what to write it about? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how it works!

How to Use Essay Topic Generator

Our essay topic generator is simple to use. You start by selecting the type of essay you will be writing. Options include: controversial essay, persuasive essay, personal narrative, and many more.

Once you’ve selected the type of essay you want, just click on the big blue Generate Topics button. Your first result will give you a topic idea followed by a proposed Essay Title.

For example, let’s say you have to write a controversial essay but can’t think of a topic. Select controversial essay from the drop down bar, and click the blue button. The first result you receive might be a topic on gun control. Gun control is a controversial topic in America, right? See how simple it is?

Well, say you don’t want to write on gun control—no problem. Hit that blue button again. You’ll get another result—maybe abortion as a topic. Abortion is a super controversial topic and would be a great subject for a controversial essay. But maybe you don’t want to write on that either. So smash that button again! We have hundreds of topic ideas and we’re sure you’ll find one that strikes your fancy.

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Okay—so what? You’ve got a topic. Now you have to explore that topic. What’s that mean? It means you have to get to know the topic and understand it before you can expect to write about it. The topic is basically just a broad field for you play in. But in order to connect with your reader, you need to narrow the field. Think of your topic as a ballpark and connecting with your reader as a series of bases that have to be tagged before you can make it home. The topic tells you which ballpark you’ll be playing in—but you still need to step up to the plate and put the ball in play for your audience to care.

So how do you put the ball in play? That’s where our suggested Essay Title can help. It might strike you as a bunt or, meh, as a single. Or you make get one that strikes you as a double or a triple—or maybe one that even looks a like a homerun. It doesn’t really matter because a title is about putting the ball in play. You’re narrowing the focus and just trying to reach base in most cases. Once you’re on you can think about how to get from first to second or from second to third. The end goal is to make it to home plate. But the title is where it starts. It gets you thinking in the right direction. That’s why we don’t just stop at generating a topic idea for you. We also give you a great title to think about. So keep hitting that blue button and generating more results for yourself until you find one that fits!

From Essay Topic to Essay Title

The essay topic gets you in the right ballpark, the essay title lets you put the ball in play, and now you have to round the bases—i.e., write your essay. What are the steps to doing this? How do you go from topic to title to writing? Think about the bases on the base path. What shape do they make if you trace a line from home to first to second to third and back to home plate? They make a diamond shape. That’s why it’s called the baseball diamond. Now consider the writing process as a similar shape that you need to create. You’re creating a diamond for your reader and it is basically a step by step process just like rounding the bases.

Need help coming up with a title? Try our essay title generator.

First, you need to touch first base. Let’s say first base is where you brainstorm using the title you’ve been provided. For example, if you like the title, “Should Public Schools Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons?” you can brainstorm the pros and cons of teacher carry schools. What would be the benefits of having armed teachers in public schools? What would be the drawbacks? What would be your preference if you were a student in such a school? Jot down your answers to these questions. There! See? Now you’re on first base.

Let’s get you over to second. Reaching second base is about pulling those ideas together and giving them some shape. This is where you want to start creating an outline for your essay. You bring these ideas together and arrange them in a way that makes sense. Your outline should start with an introduction that tells what you’ll be looking at in the essay. Then create a section for each point you want to cover: a section for the pros, a section for the cons, and a section for your personal view. Then follow that up with a conclusion that reiterates your points. There you go—that’s an outline!

Now you have to get to third base. Easy—start writing! Follow your outline to stay in the base paths and before you know it you’ll be rounding third and heading for home. To get to home plate all you need to do is go back and edit your essay!

Additional Title Information

You’ll notice that once you hit that big blue button we don’t just give you a topic and a title. We also give you Additional Info. This is where we provide with some more tips to think about when you got to make your outline. For example, with an essay on gun control, you might want to give both perspectives by arguing for one side and then writing a rebuttal. So pay attention to the Additional Info that we offer because it will help you round those bases.


Our Essay Topic Generator is a great way for anyone with writer’s block to get ideas on a topic. Click on the type of essay you need to write by selecting it from the drop down bar. Then click on the Generate Topics button. We’ll give you a topic that fits the type of essay you’re writing. We’ll also give you an essay title to help you get started with the brainstorming process. Finally, we’ll hit you up with some helpful additional info that you can use to flesh out your outline and round the bases towards writing your essay. Hey—no need to thank us! That’s why we’re here: we know that when it comes to writing, every little bit helps.

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