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Workplace Trends And Changes

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Three big trends impacting the workplace are 1) the effects of the #MeToo Movement and the need to implement policies to protect workers against sexual harassment, 2) the role … #MeToo Movement and the need to implement policies to protect workers against sexual harassment, 2) the role that AI is playing in the workplace and the impact it is having on issues such as worker privacy, and 3) the problem of politics and how there may be … can positively influence any of the changes required as a result of the current issues as they give support to workers in the workplace environment.
The #MeToo movement changed the way organizations think about sexual harassment in a big way—particularly with respect to how upper level … the support that must be provided to workers in the sense that administrative professionals must now be more sensitive to issues in the……


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Employee Treatment In The Workplace

Pages: 6 (1926 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Essay Document #:40062919

… large company with respect to applicable federal antidiscrimination laws, federal health and safety laws, and state laws is discussed.
Recent Federal Legislative Protections/Laws
Workplace discrimination is a term used to refer to any practice or procedures in the working environment that seek to segregate an individual or … the working environment that seek to segregate an individual or group based on their unique attributes from other individuals. According to Jennings (2018), workplace discrimination incorporates “disparate treatment, disparate impact, and pattern or practice of discrimination” (p.731). These three concepts were the premise for initial federal laws … gender or disability. These laws alongside state laws have played a critical role in safeguarding employees from discriminatory patterns or practices in the workplace.
For this large company, protection against discrimination is a critical step toward promoting and ensuring fair treatment of all employees. This would require … this large company, protection against……



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Diversity In The Workplace

Pages: 4 (1110 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:78053044

… where power disparity occurs. While other barriers are being broken down, there remains stereotypical views regarding gender roles that can influence the modern workplace. This paper will examine some of the prevailing research on the subject to determine the current state of gender norms within the workplace.
Diversity is typically considered a benefit to the workplace, but the way in which diversity manifests should nevertheless be taken into account. Diverse environments still retain some elements of bias, and these … that there are three main ways of approaching the integration of diverse identities, but only one has shown to have success in the workplace. When people are encouraged to use their backgrounds and cultural experiences as a “resource for learning” this benefits the organization, but when this ……



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Physical And Mental Disabilities In The Workplace

Pages: 9 (2585 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:74915062

… one can see how the feedback loop within society is created. This paper explores the issue of physical and mental disabilities in the workplace. Until recently in this nation’s history, individuals with disabilities were viewed as liabilities—but now the very language that people use when discussing individuals … the natural and applied sciences, tools have become available that allow people with a variety of disabilities to be more fully integrated into workplaces. The social sciences have shown, too, that by allowing for a more fully diverse workplace and promoting inclusivity with respect to the disabled, a better workplace culture and national culture overall can be constructed. This paper thus first provides a lens analysis of this issue; second, it analyzes how … and perspectives.
Lens Analysis
Historically, physical and mental disabilities were viewed by and large in society as barriers to entry in the workplace. There was no……



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Motivation In The Workplace

Pages: 3 (1010 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Case Study Document #:53218704

Motivation in the Workplace: Recommendations for Case Study Analysis
Addressing Motivation
In order to transform the group at Acme into a working, successful, productive group, they must … to meet consumer demand, the company focused all its energy on meeting very specific and achievable goals. By narrowing the focus of the workplace to that which is most needed at the moment, productivity goals can be met. However, putting the right people in the right places … out, if the wrong people are hired for the job, productivity is going to suffer. At Acme, the new manager has disrupted the workplace culture by cutting back on one of…[break]…Workers tend to respond positively to logic and when they are educated on the purpose of a … of leadership, as this will give them the vision, justification, and motivation to reach productivity goals. The best example for the kind of workplace culture……



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Stress In The Workplace

Pages: 2 (647 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:response paper Document #:88311106

The most common contributors to personal workplace stress are long hours, heavy workload, organizational change, deadlines, job insecurity, overbearing bosses, unfriendly workers, and stigmatization (Victoria State Government, 2019). However, stress … hours, heavy workload, organizational change, deadlines, job insecurity, overbearing bosses, unfriendly workers, and stigmatization (Victoria State Government, 2019). However, stress from outside the workplace can also manifest in the workplace. If a worker is experiencing stress at home, from the family, or financial pressures, or too busy of a schedule because of work … allows me to have a kind of release valve and let the steam out in a healthy and positive way. There are some workplaces that have sleep pods for workers who feel like they need just a quick nap to recharge and let rest be a way … creative exercises can give people a set of allegorical wings and help them to feel free.



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Why Generational Gaps Exist In The Workplace

Pages: 1 (384 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Peer Response Document #:75348303

… there are so many events that have impacted them on cultural levels in different ways, and Benjamin (2016) shows this plays out in workplace behaviors.
Benjamin, T. (2016). Generational characteristics of the workplac (Links to an external site.)e (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.) Houston Chronicle. Retrieved ……



Benjamin, T. (2016). Generational characteristics of the workplac (Links to an external site.)e (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.) Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from 


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How To Use Employee Referrals To Increase Workforce But Still Be

Pages: 10 (3022 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:50167640

… are an easy, fast and often tempting way to staff positions, the risk is that doing so can lead to a less diverse workplace, with 40% of all referrals tending to be white men (Payscale, 2018). The central question is: How can HR use employee referrals to … organization? The solution is to consider closely the source of the referral. Different relationships between the referring source and the referral have different workplace outcomes. For example, a referral who is a family member or friend of the referring source is less likely to have a great … examine the findings, theory to apply, and a case example to illustrate why referral-referee relationships matter when it comes ensuring equitability in the workplace and why using search strategies like deliberately asking for diverse referrals or even for leads instead of referrals can help reduce the risk … the relationship. For HR to……



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Why Ageism Needs To Be Stopped In Society

Pages: 9 (2613 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Prompts Document #:38322228

… the world (David, 2018).
However, with 2008 global economic crisis, many older persons who ordinarily would have retired continued on working in the workplace, fearing that their economic futures were not secure. Thus, the workforce is aging in the 21st century (Heggeness, Carter-Johnson, Schaffer, & Rockey, 2016). … aging in the 21st century (Heggeness, Carter-Johnson, Schaffer, & Rockey, 2016). This means that there are now certain challenges for management in today’s workplace, such as the fact that the workplace now consists of multiple generations of workers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but also it means that issues like ageism, appropriate … by older people. The generation gap has been a problem for decades but it is getting worse because of the fact that the workplace is aging. So now there are multiple generations in the workplace and Millennials are mixing with Generation X and with Baby Boomers.……



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Reflected Best Self Report RBS

Pages: 10 (3015 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:23365837

… & Quinn, 2005). After a presentation of self-concept and self-portrait, the principles of the reflected best self will be applied to the current workplace situation.
The organizations we work for, schools we go to, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and family members provide feedback on what we are, … you believe I showed in accomplishing what I accomplished?
The 15 individuals whom I chose for the experiment included friends, colleagues at my workplace, my workplace supervisor, and the manager of a small business I own. As per Drucker’s (1999) advice regarding soliciting feedback, I asked the 15 individuals … test” suggested by Drucker (1999, p. 6). The mirror test is essentially about ethics, which strongly impact how I am perceived in the workplace and also how I perform. According to Drucker (1999) the most successful individuals find that their ethics, morals, and values are reflected daily ……



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