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Understanding The Factors Affecting The Success Of Credit Risk In

Pages: 11 (3237 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:41178734

… full. Nonetheless, credit risk can also emanate from a financial establishment holding bonds and other financial securities. Imperatively, all banking institutions have their personal credit philosophy instituted in an official written loan policy that must be backed and conveyed with a suitable credit philosophy. A credit philosophy … from an opponent. Specifically, credit risk is the by a long way the most significant risk that is faced by banks and the success of their business operations are reliant upon precise measurement and efficacious management of this risk to a greater magnitude as compared to any … and control fundamental credit risk factors (Asfaw and Veni, 2015).
In relation to existent literature, scholars have determined that the factors affecting the success of credit risk can be categorized into two groups including internal factors (micro-economic) and external factors (macro-economic). In accordance to Garr (2013), the … institution capacity, institutional risk and……



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Learning Goals Real Life Experience And Personal Experience

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...Personal success Summary/synthesis of what I learned
The goal of the probation program is to help offenders to change for the better and to maintain that change. The probation program also works to ensure communities remain safe even while offenders are given a chance to re-integrate. The mission of probation is to ensure public safety through motivating offenders to change and to lead lives that are free of crime. The mission is achieved via the re-integration of offenders back into their communities, monitoring the offenders, supervising and controlling the offenders, and ensuring the offenders are re-entering in positive and safe environments where they can stay crime-free.
Offenders are usually monitored in various ways to ensure they are living crime-free lives and that they are truly reformed. Some of the ways include getting their telephone and mobile contacts for communication, visiting them at home, carrying out urine screens, referring them to substance abuse……


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Retention In The National Guard

Pages: 10 (2959 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:20886677

...Personal success 1. Introduction
The United States Congress has for many years been directly involved in ensuring that the country has a fully equipped standing military force that is capable of dealing with any external or internal threat. One of the ways it does this is to make laws that influence how the different branches of the United States military recruit and retain soldiers. For example, the Congress has the power to set the maximum number of men and women a branch of the military can have. This will have a direct influence on the branch’s recruitment policies (Kapp, 2014; 2012). The Congress can also set compensation levels e.g. separation incentives, educational benefits, recruitment bonuses, retention bonuses, and salary. The Congress can also set the eligibility criteria for recruitment and retention i.e. the qualifications that one must meet to serve in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Some of the……


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Applying Psychology To Leadership

Pages: 3 (1040 words) Document Type:personal reflection Document #:54934881

...Personal success This course provided me with the opportunity for a structured exploration of critical concepts of leadership, specifically what leaders can do to influence their followers in the workplace. The readings provided me with a strong grounding in the key material on workplace motivation, and from there I was able to apply my knowledge of research methods to determine the best way to solve a problem. I think that overall this was a highly valuable course for me, one that will give me the tools to be a better leader for a long time to come.
The capstone project ties together what I have learned about motivation, and how leaders can influence motivation, into a project that will add value to the overall study of workplace motivation. There are really two elements to this learning. The first is the understanding of fundamental principles that I acquired, and the second is the……


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How Educational Leaders Make Good Citizens

Pages: 6 (1816 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:44966938

A personal Philosophy of Education
In sum, I believe the long-range impact that educational leadership should have on stakeholders and on the community includes … involvement of parents in their children’s education and lobbying policymakers for additional classroom educators. The purpose of this paper is to explicate my personal leadership philosophy as it applies to education as well as a discussion concerning the rationale in support of this philosophy.
My personal philosophy of leadership is that educational leaders can play a vitally important role in providing students with the critical thinking skills required in … educational leaders today are confronted with a situation in which the timeframe for evaluating the adequacy of learning is clearly demarcated and the success of students is measured by metrics such as grade points averages and the percentage that graduate. Such metrics, though, fail to take into … combine to……



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Challenges In Management Facing Transformational Leaders Service

Pages: 5 (1606 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Annotated Bibliography Document #:57833590

… cloud computing. Computers in Industry, 107, 104-113.
The authors of this article maintain that leadership forms one of the main factors for organizational adoption of success innovation. But researchers have yet to delve into the subject of leadership elements impacting adoption stages (namely, initiation, implementation, and ‘routinization’). This research … 154 companies, for studying the implementation of novel technology, namely MCC (mobile cloud computing). Factors like corporate vision, supportive leaders, intellectual stimulation, and personal acknowledgment are important when it comes to implementation intent. In contrast, supportive leaders are a driving factor for implementation as well as ‘routinization.’ … a driving factor for implementation as well as ‘routinization.’ This research work’s outcomes reveal that leadership vision, together with considerateness and identifying the personal needs of others (both indications of offering individual support), have been linked strongly to the implementation of a major information systems innovation like … conclude that empathetic, efficient leadership,……



Al Ahmad, S., Easa, N. F., & Mostapha, N. (2019). The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Innovation: Evidence from Lebanese Banks. European Research Studies Journal, 22(4), 215-240.

Aldholay, A. H., Isaac, O., Abdullah, Z., & Ramayah, T. (2018). The role of transformational leadership as a mediating variable in DeLone and McLean information system success model: The context of online learning usage in Yemen. Telematics and Informatics, 35(5), 1421-1437.

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Bolman Deals Human Resource Frame And Disney

Pages: 8 (2254 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:25831013

… happy and do not have many conflicts when it comes to their ability to do so (Jones, 2018).
In addition to the financial success attributable to attention to the human resources frame, Disney is also in a position where it has been awarded one of the best … needs of its employees. There are companies that might be better, but in its industry, Disney has distinguished itself as superior, and this success has not gone unnoticed. All told, it is reasonable to suggest that Disney has become a world leader in its field, and has … that they consistently deliver superior experiences even relative to some stiff competition in many of its industries.
A huge part of Disney’s success lies with the company’s attention to the human element. Disney focuses on fostering strong employee loyalty and on empowering them to facilitate the ……



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Individual Self Esteem Growth And Development

Pages: 4 (1244 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:45484325

… stupid, ugly, or deceitful. An escalation or decline in self-esteem usually generates significant emotional responses. Furthermore, these changes are usually corresponding with key success and failures experienced in life. Therefore, self-esteem facilitates happiness, greater performances, and also improved standards of living.
By Maslow (1943), the actions of … three needs, esteem needs become progressively more significant.
Specifically, these needs comprise of the need for things that mirror on an individual’s self-esteem, personal value, social acknowledgment, and achievement. At this juncture, it becomes significant to attain the respect and gratitude of other persons. Individuals have to … effects…[break]…the workplace, as parents, while in love, and also during sex. The author indicates that self-esteem comprises two constituents, including a feeling of personal capability and also a feeling of personal worth and value. Both of these constituents mirror the implied judgment of an individual’s capacity to deal with and handle the challenges……



Baumeister, R. F., Campbell, J. D., Krueger, J. I., & Vohs, K. D. (2003). Does high self-esteem cause better performance, interpersonal success, happiness, or healthier lifestyles? Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 4(1), 1–44.

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CEOs And Presidents

Pages: 11 (3242 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Essay Document #:96542123

… Enron. These leaders have various strengths and faults and their leadership approaches are all different and to some extent based on their own personal and styles of management. Some have met with more success than others, and some have met with more failure. Gorsky has succeeded at leading Johnson & Johnson for the past 8 years. Skilling … the past 8 years. Skilling failed in his leadership role at Enron and was jailed for fraud. Musk has seen a string of success and failures during the course of his tenure as head of Tesla. This paper discusses their various influence processes, analyzes their strengths and … leaders engage in to affect their teams and workplaces. Singh-Sengupta (1997) has also argued that leadership styles are really influence processes that use personal influence to motivate and communicate with others so that they can self-actualize. Self-actualizing in turn creates a level of……



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Customer Persona For Filshie Clip System

Pages: 12 (3656 words) Sources: 11 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:94593472

… for this stylish and effective method of contraception. We have established that customers in the target market are differentiated based on demographic factors, personal histories and expectations. These women are interested in a reversible contraception method that is safe and effective since it enables them to make … persona to improve understanding of the behaviors, needs, and demands of customers. Customer persona for this target market incorporates several factors including demographic, personal histories and expectations. Insights from the customer persona should be utilized to shape marketing tactics with respect to all elements (7Ps) of the ……



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