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Web 2 0 And Online Studio Education

Pages: 6 (1931 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:53632130

Online Studio Education
The rise of Web 2.0 Technologies paves the way to a collaborative and interactive learning environment making the exchange of content and collaboration over the web (Loannao, 2018). The internet, since then, started becoming the reservoir of knowledge, giving … the integration with technology, proving successful and efficient with the learning procedure and teaching style.
Traditional Design Studio is the kind of teaching environment that has a studio space that caters 10-12 students under one professor/instructor in which they design and do their work, bringing together all … the entire learning procedure more effective. Online studio education has immense benefits for the entire curriculum, learning objectives, course outline, and the educational environment of the students, imparting within them the new technological changes that will enhance their overall learning procedure. Even the pedagogy is influenced by … learning procedure. Even the pedagogy is influenced by the use of……



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Cross Cultural Management

Pages: 6 (1723 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:51200884

… in your professional life Management
The cross-cultural issue identified is management. There is a disconnect between managers and employees, especially in cross-cultural work environments. In most cases, organization management does not recognize the different cultures found in the organization and this causes friction between employees. We all … up. As a manager one should be aware of these biases to ensure that they can avoid them when working in a multicultural environment (Søderberg & Holden, 2002). There are verbal and nonverbal communication styles that could contribute to this challenge. Gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact. … Facial expressions and gestures are nonverbal means of communication where one uses these to create impactful conversations with their audience. In cross-cultural work environments, one should be certain of the gestures and facial expressions being used to ensure that they are not abusing or passing on the … of this study was to……



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Terrorist Group IRA

Pages: 8 (2476 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:71228383

Intersection of Faith Nationalism and Environment in Ireland
While terrorist groups are rarely defended by non-members, there is often the sense among objective observers that not all members … or a potential Crusader? Most research into terrorism looks at Middle East terrorism and the Muslim religion and the way nationality and the environment intersect to produce extremists, radicals or terrorists. This study will look at Western terrorism and the IRA as an opportunity to investigate the … in a way that is more relatable to Westerners. The primary research question is this: How did the intersection of religion, nationalism and environment produce Westernized terrorists within the IRA? The secondary question is this: How could this information be used to help developed a counter-terrorism strategy?
… Catholics and Catholic interests in the North (Bamford, 2005).
The purpose of this study is to understand the intersection of ideology, nationalism and environment……



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CEOs And Presidents

Pages: 11 (3242 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Essay Document #:96542123

… affect these influence processes include characteristics of the leader, the follower, the situation and the culture in which the leader-follower relationship transpires. Stressful environments will have a different impact on the influence process as opposed to calm, stress-free environments. Followers who are facing a change and are resisting it will have an impact on the influence process of the leader. A leader … team of workers who can facilitate the change by being part of the solution. They focus on celebrating minor victories and creating an environment in which good things happen because everyone feels invested in the organization and in the desire to find the solution to the problem … and in the desire to find the solution to the problem and implement the change.
Influence practices are essential for creating an environment in which workers want to be there, in which people are motivated to succeed,……



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Career Counseling

Pages: 8 (2777 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:22553329

… teaching. Using personality inventories has encouraged and inspired me to think big about my career plans, and not limit myself to specific work environments. I might work in the public school system for some time yet, but I might also start a company that delivers quality educational … counseling, I decided to explore other options that aligned with my skills, my personality, my knowledge and abilities, and the work activities and environments I prefer. Receiving Chief Executive as one of the career choices, I focused then on the tasks required for this path. The tasks … as a teacher still reflects who I am, and my interest in helping others. I have a lot of energy, and the work environment suits me even though it is restrictive and bureaucratic. In the future, I will recognize different ways of……



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McCain Foods Strategies

Pages: 6 (1913 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Slept Analysis Document #:89531810

… company’s strategies as they are the building blocks of marketing strategy
First and foremost, McCain Food’s unique competency is ‘Calories in/ Calories out’ (how-mccain-responds-to-changes-in-the-external-environment, 2019) concept which awares the consumers of the products’ healthy attributes. This makes the product highly suitable for its target audience since its … their kids and would obviously opt for healthy food. McCain Foods have efficiently marketed its product through the tagline of ‘It’s All Good’ (how-mccain-responds-to-changes-in-the-external-environment, 2019) to imply that taste as well as the food’s ingredients are all good for the consumers. The company also ensures its quality … the company from the competitors. The target audience is kept in mind to understand and direct the strategies towards them.
Analysis of External Environment
Social, Legal, Economic, Political and Technological analysis of the company’s external environment shows that the environment is fast changing and with these strong external forces. Firstly, social forces are……



(2019, September 17). Business Case Studies. Retrieved from  https://businesscasestudies.co.uk/how-mccain-responds-to-changes-in-the-external-environment/#axzz2m8hClVBn 

SLEPT Analysis of McCain Foods. (2015, April 03). PDF Slide. Retrieved from  https://pdfslide.net/documents/slept-analysis-of-mccain-foods.html 

Williamson, D. (2018, December 05). McCain Foods SWOT Analysis. Eassy 48. Retrieved from  https://www.essay48.com/term-paper/13961-McCain-Foods-Swot-Analysis 

Study Document

Shareholder Vs Stakeholder Theory

Pages: 11 (3224 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:76323348

… standpoint of the four major sources of ethical values in business: Law, Culture, Philosophy, and Religion. It will show that in today’s business environment, stakeholder theory needs to be pursued instead of shareholder theory, and it will explain why starting with Friedman’s own words.
Without Deception or … or that could have been spent on sustainability—i.e., stakeholders, members of the community, a program that would benefit workers, community members or the environment—was instead spent on propping up the share price at a time when no one else was interested in buying.
It is the essence … Christian ethic shows, charity is what sustains communities. It is not greed or profits, or unrealistic growth expectations, or fantasies about saving the environment by way of electric vehicles. Cars do not even pollute the environment very much: what does is agriculture—fertilizer, cows, and pesticides. The bogus notion of cars being the death……



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Putka, G. (2019). Insiders are selling. Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/company-insiders-are-selling-stock-during-buyback-programs-and-making-additional-profits-when-stock-prices-jump-and-its-legal/2019/11/06/fc592f58-e493-11e9-a331-2df12d56a80b_story.html

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Aging Workforce

Pages: 10 (3030 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:49724192

… the challenges of managing an aging workforce and recommend solutions that managers can use to overcome those challenges and create a supportive workplace environment for all.
Managing Risks
One of the main challenges of managing an aging workforce is managing risks. Risks can come in the form … risks. Risks can come in the form of safety, such as onsite accidents, or health (Lassila, 2019). Depending on the type of workplace environment, safety risks can be great or small. In a construction-type environment, safety risks for an aging workforce will be significant (Koh, Rowlinson & Pollock, 2019). Providing video instruction or relying on educational lectures to … obstacles. Older workers may also lack stamina and have reduced homeostasis, which is the ability to operate normally even after a change of environment. In short, older workers face challenges in each of the following categories:
· Physical changes
· Cognitive changes……



Burtless, G., & Quinn, J. F. (2002). Is working longer the answer for an aging workforce? Working Papers in Economics, 82.

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Walt Disney

Pages: 12 (3606 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Case Study Document #:25870152

… and sharing knowledge by enabling workers to instruct one another and benefit from the knowledge that each person brings in a diverse workplace environment. Instead of relying on training room courses, workers can interact with mentors in the workplace who bring their experience and insight to the … of relying on training room courses, workers can interact with mentors in the workplace who bring their experience and insight to the workplace environment and thus serve as encyclopedias of knowledge for younger workers and who can offer social and emotional support along the way as well. … Pixar team do with its films. Disney’s executives should recognize the talent and vision that others bring and not attempt to control their environment. Netflix is very hands off in this way and it should be the same with Disney.
The more latitude Disney gives to its ……



Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D., Hoffman, A. N., & Bamford, C. E. (2010). Strategic management and business policy. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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