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1. Name the three (3) separate government components that make-up the U.S. Criminal justice system and explain their function and how they work together?

The three separate government components that make-up the U.S. Criminal justice system comprise of courts, law enforcement, and corrections. Imperatively, these components are dependent on one another and one would not necessarily be beneficial devoid of the others. First of all, the courts are reliant on the law enforcement to legally gather and comprehensively record and document all evidence and statements made. Secondly, law enforcement works in tandem with the courts in regard to serving warrants and subpoenas. The third component of the justice system, corrections, are employed in making certain that criminals remain under confinement, facilitate the transportation of convicts to hearings, and also partake in the supervision of individuals subsequent to their release from custody. What is more, the courts make certain that the law enforcement agencies such as the police department obtain search warrants in the event that probable cause is established and the expanse to be searched is delineated as set by the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Notably, these constituents were set up in order to guarantee a fair system for any persons that face accusations. Laws cannot be effective without enforcement, convictions cannot be effective without any form of punishment and confinements cannot be effective without any sort of rehabilitation (Ortmeier, 2006).

2. Why is professionalism and ethics critical to policing?

Ethics and professionalism play a pivotal role to policing. In the case of police officers, ethical conduct is particularly significant as a result of the authority that is granted to them and owing to the difficulty of monitoring and administering the everyday behavior of police officers within the streets. In addition, it is important…

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…of San Diego, 2019).

4. Why is stress management important to an officer’s health and safety?

Stress management plays a key role to the health and safety of an officer. Policing is risky and unsafe work, and the threat creeps around not just on the streets. The pressures of law enforcement position officers at a significant risk of experiencing high blood pressure, restlessness, augmented levels of damaging stress hormones, heart difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide (Science Daily, 2008). In this regard, not only does stress management facilitate better health and welfare of the police officers, it also facilitates overall better decision making, unbiased treatment and enhanced associations between the police officers and the members of the community. Proper and sober decision making guarantees safety of the police officer in the sense that they are not involved in actions that can place them in danger whilst conducting their everyday operations.…

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