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Strategy Development for Nonprofit Organizations Case Study

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Strategy Development

Big Splash

Making a big splash to establish a new policy has its risks, but this approach can be advantageous as well. The current situation is that there are only a few volunteers working with the organization regularly and they are facing burnout. So there is a problem that may break soon, and threaten the ability of the organization to do its work. The training seminars are going to be a barrier for those who are already working to continue, and a further barrier to attracting new people to do this work. There is no particular evidence that the seminars are going to solve any problem at all, so I would treat them with some skepticism. This is especially true in that 75% of volunteers are one-offs, and the number of one-offs might drop to near zero if they have to attend the seminars before volunteering.

The advantages of a big splash to change policy are evident from organizational change literature – to bring about organizational change sometimes requires shaking up complacency. Thankfully, literature also shows that public service motivation is closely aligned with the ability to successfully implement change. Public service motivation means that the people in the organization are motivated internally to perform their mission and therefore are willing to take necessary steps to achieve that mission. This makes them more open to change efforts (Wright, Christensen & Isett, 2011). Thus, if there is high public service motivation within the organization, it may not be necessary to bring about a perception of crisis in order to create the motivation for change (Carroll & Hatakenaka, 2001).

Preferences of the Advisory Board

The preferences of the advisory board could impact on…

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…value in providing better service for veterans but that only works when there are enough volunteers willing to take the seminar for that to matter.

The process of working through such stakeholder conflicts could then be quite difficult, but it will require open communication and dialogue. There are several conflict resolution tactics but open debate is one of the more powerful ones. Further, somebody has to be in charge to make the final decision, and if that requires compromise or simply rejecting some stakeholder concerns, if there is a clear process for decision making then it is more likely that the organization can get to the point where a decision is made.

All told, the organization is facing some challenges, and new challenges are starting to arise. This is definitely going to create a difficult situation for the executive director, but if there are…

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