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Psychology Statement of Purpose With Brief Personal Statement Admission Essay

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Psychology Statement of Purpose with a Brief Personal Statement

My interest in psychology has over time been stimulated by a number of experiences. Top amongst these is my reading of a book I stumbled upon several years ago. The book, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, essentially concerns itself with a character by the name Gregor Samsa who one day finds himself turned into a giant vermin. As a result, Samsa ends up experiencing untold emotional and psychological anguish. Although I was only aged 15 when I first read the book, the questions it triggered in me regarding both mental illness and general psychology further prompted my curiosity in the subject. I have also been a member of my campus' Psychology Club. In addition to giving me an opportunity to interact with my peers, being a member of the club also allowed me to learn many other things I would not have ordinarily learnt in a classroom setting. This in a way also furthered my desire to pursue psychology beyond the M.A. In General Psychology for which I am currently interested in.

I view an M.A. In General Psychology as a critical step towards the other specific goals I have set for myself. I am already aware that an M.A in general psychology opens the door to a variety of other opportunities in diverse settings such as law enforcement, mental health clinics, research laboratories, etc. I plan to pursue my education past graduate studies. In the next five to seven years, I plan to have received a Ph.D. In Counseling Psychology. My choice of disciplines is in this case largely founded on my desire to play a prominent role in the improvement of the well-being of people through the alleviation of their maladjustment and distress amongst other things. In addition to entering into private practice, I also plan to offer…

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