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Political Philosophy Generally, I Hold Essay

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Just as in the realm of economics, different individuals possess different capabilities, aptitudes, and qualifications for different careers. Civil rights issues and equality in academia and employment have progressed to the point where less deserving and less qualified individuals receive some of the opportunities that were better earned by others who are more qualified.

This reverse racism and reverse sexism is not conducive to a society that emphasizes initiative and effort and which rewards self-responsibility and objective merit above all else. Whereas pervious generations of women and racial and ethnic minorities were deprived of the opportunity to compete fairly with males and non-minority individuals, nowadays, no such impediments exist; therefore, opportunities in both academia and the professional workplace must revert to recognizing and rewarding merit and achievement and not gender and ethic or racial makeup instead.

The Environment:

As in the case of other aspects of the appropriate role of government in human affairs, the concern with the environment is one best managed by economic principles and social values. Therefore, exploitation of natural resources should not be overly regulated by the state. Instead, economic factors and human initiative should be the primary determinant of what is best for society with respect to the environment and government regulation and control limited to that which is absolutely necessary to safeguard the public. On the other hand, if human values do not support the protection of various elements of the natural environment or of various non-human living organisms, the principles of human values and supply and demand must prevail over government authority in such…

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