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How Different People and Countries Are Managing Coronavirus COVID-19 Interview

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Interview Questions Coronavirus Covid-19

1-Vice Pres Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria

1. You are currently in self-isolation as a result of coronavirus. What can you tell us about the precautions you have taken and about the impact this experience is having on your life as well as on the lives your friends, family and the nation in general?

2. As Vice President, you are second-in-command and thus play a major role in leading and guiding the nation. What is it like to have that responsibility? How do you balance your influence in society with your self-awareness and sense of moral duty to the people of Nigeria?

3. Nigeria faces a number of challenges on the world’s stage in terms of catching up with the leading industrialized nations—and yet it already stands apart from other African nations and is recognized as a leader on the African continent. Where do you see Nigeria heading in the next 10 to 20 years with respect to overcoming challenges and developing as a nation?

4. Obviously there is going to be an economic fallout from the spread of the coronavirus around the world and now through Nigeria. President Trump is eager to get people back to the work in the US to prevent economic collapse. In your eyes, what is the most prudent course of action to take?

5. With talk now of postponing the Olympic Games this summer because of the spread of this virus, all eyes are on Japan. How will a postponement affect Nigeria’s plans for participation and, on a different note, do you think Nigeria may be a candidate to host the Games in the near future?

2-Dr. Amarachukwu Karen Allison, Nigeria

1. You were responsible for raising the alarm bells in Nigeria with respect to finding the first index patient in this country—an Italian man. What was your reaction to that finding and were you surprised at all by what you saw when making that diagnosis?

2. Since finding the first index patient, what steps have you taken to address what is now not just a national concern here in Nigeria but also a global concern all around the world as the coronvirus has truly reached pandemic proportions?

3. Do you believe the country is doing enough to take this virus seriously? For that matter, do you think other nations are doing enough? How possible do you believe it is to exercise containment on a national or even global scale with a virus that seems to spread like wildfire?

4. There are some who feel that the coronavirus is just another form of flu and that the media blows the effects of the virus out of proportion. They feel that people are unnecessarily spreading fear and paranoia. As a medical doctor, what can you say on that topic to contribute to the discussion?

5. In your experience, is Nigeria in a good place with regard to health, hygiene, and the ability to weather this storm? What would be your recommendations for moving forward and helping the community to rally together during this time and work towards the common good?

3-Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Nigeria

1. One of the more drastic steps that nations and states have taken in recent weeks to combat the spread of coronavirus is to go into lockdown mode. In Lagos, you have made that decision to go into lockdown. Was that an easy decision for you to make based on what you have seen from other world leaders?

2. What are your top concerns now that Lagos is in lockdown? Are you worried about the economic ramifications of lockdowns, or the social and political ramifications? What input from others in the community did you seek that helped you to make that decision?

3. Lagos is one of the most exciting destinations in Africa and it seems it is only getting better and better with every passing year. What is it about the spirit and dynamic in Lagos that gives it this special appeal and truly inviting character?

4. Do you think Lagos will play an important role in leading the way to fighting this pandemic as it spreads across Nigeria? How much contact have you had with other leaders throughout the nation and what is perception of their willingness to do what has to be done?

5. Are you concerned about the impact this virus could have on the national character of Nigeria and on the spirit of the people overall? Nigeria is still a growing a nation but it is also a strong nation. Will its strengths or its vulnerabilities win out in the end?

4-Gov Oluwaseyi Makinde, Nigeria

1. You held and have since apologized for hold a People’s Democratic Party mega-rally where some thousand people gathered together even though the existence of the coronavirus threat was known. What were your thoughts initially that led you to go ahead with the rally?

2. In the time that has passed, what has changed in your mind about the spread of this coronavirus and what it might mean for the people of this nation? Are you more or less worried than you were before? Do you feel we are prepared to handle this crisis?

3. Testing is a big issue in identifying carriers of this virus and getting them quarantined to help flatten the curve. Do you think that enough testing is being done or that the means to test in this country are even available at the level they may need to be to ensure an appropriate response?

4. How are you reassuring the average people who may be impacted by measures implemented by government coming down the road? What message do you want to give to the people of Nigeria about the coming days, weeks and possibly months?

5. Safety is obviously an issue that is relative…

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…strength? A cautionary message? A message of prevention? A message to go get tested immediately? To self-quarantine? To calm down and chill and not to panic unnecessarily? What is your approach?

5. You are obviously in the spotlight so people look to you for information and honesty. Is it hard not always knowing the answers or what the right thing to say is? Do you try to avoid talking about subjects you’re not an expert on or do you feel it’s important to comment even when you don’t have all the information just because it is helpful to engage in that dialogue?

11-John Obi Mikel, Footballer, Turkey, Nigeria

1. Sports all over the world are being cancelled and now even the Olympic Games is being postponed. How does this affect you personally and professionally not knowing what the future holds in store for your sport, for the fans, and for your teammates?

2. What is the big risk that you see for footballers going forward, knowing that this virus is out there and that a vaccine is probably still a year away? How safe can you really expect to be? Or is it something that you try not even to really think about?

3. What information has the club put out to you and the other footballers regarding the coronavirus and what precautions to take? There are likely a lot of things to think about just in terms of making sure everyone is safe while at the same time trying to be mindful of everyone’s needs. What are the challenges here?

4. What message do you think it is important for the fans to hear right now, knowing what they are going through seeing the virus spread around the world and having no sports to follow while they are self-quarantining or are on lock down?

5. What are you hearing from other footballers with regard to this outbreak? Are they ready to play or are they talking about the need for taking precautions and why it is important to wait until this virus runs its course even if it knocks out an entire season?

12-Masai Ujiri, GM Toronto Raptors, Canada, Nigeria

1. You’re from Nigeria but are now living and working in Canada, overseeing the World Champion Toronto Raptors. In your position, what is the number one concern you have for your players considering what we know about this virus and what message are you sending to them?

2. How are you personally coping with this coronavirus outbreak? How has it affected you and your life, maybe changed your habits or the way you go about your day to day affairs?

3. 2020 has been a bad year so far for the NBA and for fans of the game. First, the world lost a living legend in Kobe Bryant—and now it looks like the season may come to a premature end. What are your thoughts on weathering crises like these?…

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