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Culture Constraining a Culture: The Essay

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This has lead to a serious threatening of Palestinian agriculture and business. There are vast socio-economic differences between the Palestinians who are currently suffering greatly from their current situation and the Israelis just across the river. This only fuels the fire, and throughout the generations potentially hopeful negotiations between the two nations have continuously resulted in failure. This has lead to a complete lack of efficient solution to help ease both the socio-economic suffering and the looming threat of physical violence. Unable to help the situation, or lighten the load of the burden on Palestine and Israel with such border constrictions, the situation proves doubtful to be resolved any time soon.

Although much less severe, the border between the United States and Mexico has also created controversy that has helped mold the two very different cultures in such close proximity. There is a similar hostility between the two cultures. What is unique in this situation compared to the Israeli-Palestinian one, there is a third sub-culture which has been created between the blending of the American and Mexican cultures. As generations of Mexicans continue to immigrate into the United States, more and more American born citizens are being born into a blended Mexican-American culture. Yet, this culture faces subjugation from its two parent cultures. Both mainstream Mexican and American cultures show various levels of disdain and judgment towards Mexican-Americans in the United States. Such negative sentiments have helped keep the culture from flourishing within the United States for many Mexican-Americans who find themselves trying to juggle between two very different worlds. This combined with American hostility towards illegal Mexican immigrants has lead to racist social and government practices limiting immigration and creating a crime out illegal immigration. A culture's disdain and xenophobic tensions towards another culture is only fueled with continual and unresolved contact with that outside "other." Just as in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are little viable options currently in practice in order to help reach a solution for the problem of illegal immigration and racist social practices. Unfortunately the problem is only continuing to develop, and like the previous conflict, is seemingly hopeless.

Both border related conflicts continue to cause great strife and difficulties for all involved. They threaten the normal way of life and present a pointless conflict which has drastic results through its constraints on the cultures involved. Without clear resolutions in sight, it is unclear if these two conflicts will ever release the cultures suffering from their direct position in the middle of the tensions.

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